What are the signs and how to treat ascariasis in adults?

Photo: What are the signs and how to treat ascariasis in adults

Every doctor knows that ascariasis in adults is the most common type of worm infestation. The causative agent of this disease is a roundworm that can enter the human body. This parasite reaches a length of 40 centimeters and lives in the small intestine.

Ascariasis in adults - the causes of infection

Photo: Causes of Ascariasis Infection

The illness is diagnosed by doctors everywhere, and any person can become infected if he eats vegetables / fruits contaminated through the soil with helminth eggs. The source of the disease is the sick person / carrier. It should be understood that infection occurs by alimentary transmission of parasite eggs with viable larvae.

In addition to contaminated products, helminths can get into the body if you drink untreated water. The risk group includes those people who have constant contact with the soil - agricultural workers and farmers. Children are most susceptible to worms. This is due to insufficient hygiene and the use of unwashed foods, namely, vegetables or fruits.

Causative agent of ascariasis

Helminth of Ascaris lumbricoides (ascaris) causes invasion. Scientists refer it to the so-called nematode class (in other words, to roundworms). There are three forms of parasite development. Consider them in more detail:

Photo: causative agent of ascariasis - Ascaris lumbricoides

  • Egg - the female always lays all her eggs directly in the intestines of the human body. Then they go outside and ripen later in the soil. Eggs contribute to the development of such conditions - favorable for them the air temperature of about 20 º C and a sufficient level of humidity. Then a larva capable of vital activity is formed. She is the most contagious. The larva enters the human body and causes invasion.
  • The larva - helminth develops in the human body. Worm eggs enter the intestines, after which the larva itself directly leaves. It can pierce the intestinal wall and penetrate into the vessels. Next, the larva migrates in the body and settles in the liver or lungs. The parasite can move quite easily, including in the respiratory tract (upper) and, accordingly, in the throat. This stage of larval migration is, on average, 15 days.
  • Adult individual - develops in the intestinal sections of the larva, there it lays its eggs.

It is important to understand that the localization of parasites in the human body inevitably leads to serious pathology over time. As a rule, the life cycle of this type of worms lasts 1 year.

Symptoms and signs - clinical picture

Symptoms of ascariasis in adults depend on the stage of the disease.

Migration stage

Photo: Migration Stage

This period is characterized by the development of symptoms that are very similar to an allergic reaction. It is caused by harmful toxins of the larvae. Thus, intoxication occurs during the migration of parasites and direct damage to the tissues of the organs. Allocate the main symptoms of this stage:

  • temperature increase up to 37.5-37.8º С
  • slight general weakness
  • constant discomfort
  • aching joints / muscles
  • small rash on the skin,
  • red itchy papules on the skin,
  • typical manifestations of bronchitis or pneumonia, since the larva migrates from the blood vessels directly into the alveoli and moves gradually into the upper respiratory tract. A coughing cough appears with detaching clear sputum.

Severe pneumonia, overt intoxication and allergic reaction, low blood pressure can also be observed. By the way, with a more or less mild course of migration, as practice shows, lasts about two weeks, after the symptoms gradually disappear, and the helminth infection enters the intestinal stage.

Symptoms of the intestinal stage

Usually with the development of parasites in the intestines are observed:

Photo: Excessive thinness - symptoms of the intestinal stage

The lack of nutrients. That speaks about insufficient intake of essential / essential nutrients and vitamins in the body. A large amount of nutrients consumed by ascaris. A person loses weight much with a normal amount of food. Anemia develops, hemoglobin decreases and the level of red blood cells in the blood. Iron and Vitamin B12 enter the body in insufficient quantities. The metabolism is broken, cells of the central nervous system are destroyed. There may be severe fatigue, insomnia, memory impairment. In severe cases, cramps are characteristic.

  • Dyspeptic syndrome - develops inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, because it is constantly irritated by worms. Signs of ascariasis in adults - appetite decreases, there are periodic pains in the abdomen due to strong spasms of smooth muscles. Belching, bloating, nausea may occur.
  • Possible complications

    Experts note that the migration of larvae and the vital activity of adult worms in the intestine lead to the following complications:

    1. jaundice caused by obstruction of the bile duct by helminth,
    2. cholecystitis. Caused by a worm entering the gallbladder from the duodenum.
    3. liver abscess:
    4. pancreatitis,
    5. pancreatonecrosis,
    6. appendicitis,

    In addition, intestinal obstruction is possible due to an excessive number of parasites.


    In some cases, worm infestation is hidden, in which no characteristic manifestations are observed. To identify the worms in the body, various diagnostic methods are used:

    • clinical blood test - determines the presence of an allergic reaction, in which there is an increase in eosinophils. It turns out the presence of anemia at a reduced rate of red blood cells, as well as hemoglobin in the blood,
    • analysis of feces on the eggs of worms - in the laboratory, the feces are examined under a microscope. If an adult roundworm parasitizes a person, round eggs are found. To get a reliable result, experts recommend to conduct a study several times.
    • Special laboratory examination of sputum - it is necessary to identify the larvae of worms in the sputum during their migration to the upper respiratory tract,
    • Fluoroscopy of the intestine with the introduction of a contrast agent into the organ - allows detecting roundworm during the intestinal stage of the disease
    • X-ray of the lungs - appointed as an additional study
    • immunological analysis of plasma e - identifies specific antibodies to the larvae of the parasite.

    According to the results of diagnostic studies, doctors diagnose and prescribe subsequent treatment. Self-medication may not give a quick recovery.

    Treatment of Ascaridosis in Adults

    Photo: Drugs for treating ascariasis in adults

    First of all, therapy is aimed at the complete destruction of parasites and their larvae in the body. To do this, apply anthelmintic modern drugs with a wide spectrum of action. They quickly help destroy worms.

    When Ascariasis is Treated in Adults,such medical devices are often prescribed Vermox, Wormil. Vermox, which is taken in a dose of 150 mg 1 tablet (2 times a day for 3 days). Additionally, they receive medication to restore hemoglobin and red blood cells, eliminate allergies and normalize enzymes.

    The safest remedies for treating ascariasis are Intoxic, Baktefort and Gelmifort. These funds belong to the safe preparations of the last generation. They do not have any negative effects on the body, neutralize worms and their larvae, cleanse the waste products of parasites - harmful toxins.

    Photo: drug Intoxic

    The drug Intoxic helps to completely get rid of worms. It is designed specifically for home use. The composition of the product includes only components of natural origin:

    1. juice of sumac fruit,
    2. bear bile
    3. Dzungarian ferula,
    4. additional substances.

    These components of the remedy eliminate the intoxication process, have a detrimental effect on the worms and excrete the worms eggs from the body. The drug also includes additional substances that restore the human body after the removal of worms. Read reviews about Intoxic from parasites.

    Another effective remedy for the treatment of ascariasis is Baktefort. Available in the form of drops, which are very convenient to take. A drug:

    • kills worms at any stage of development,
    • removes eggs and larvae,
    • cleans the blood
    • removes harmful toxins and slags from the body,
    • restores the body
    • eliminate allergies
    • normalizes intestinal microflora.

    The composition of the drops consists of plant extracts of medicinal plants - wormwood, ginger, tansy, meadowsweet, birch leaves, walnut, mint, cloves, vitamin C. These herbs have long been used by healers to cleanse people from parasites. Get acquainted with reviews of Baktefort drops from parasites.

    Gelmifort is often prescribed by physicians to eliminate parasites. It is a safe natural drug that effectively relieves the body of worms and their larvae, has a detrimental effect on the eggs of parasites. In this case, Gelmifort removes toxins and restores the body after invasion.

    Photo: Gelmifort for Ascariasis in Adults

    The composition includes:

    • laurel extract
    • amaranth seeds
    • diuretic bucco,
    • rosemary,
    • Manchurian nut.

    Novelty Gelmifort is natural and has a safe effect on the body. It does not cause side effects and allergies. With the help of this medicine, you can quickly clean the intestines from worms and harmful products of their life. Learn more about the drug, its price and reviews about Helmiefort from parasites.

    The treatment regimen for ascariasis in adults is chosen by the doctor individually and depends on many factors - the characteristics of the organism, the stage of helminthiasis, the course of helminthic invasion. The action of drugs from parasites is aimed at the destruction of the shell of eggs, the death of adult individuals of parasites, the further restoration of the human body. After getting rid of helminths, it is required to normalize the intestinal microflora and strengthen the immune system.


    The main measures to combat the disease are the timely detection of sick people. Especially the disease is common in European countries, in Asia and the Far East.

    It is very important to regularly maintain personal hygiene:

    • wash your hands after gardening, using the toilet, going outside,
    • trim nails in time, avoiding dirt under them,
    • change often underwear
    • Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

    At the cottage or in the garden it is necessary to equip the toilet to avoid contamination of the soil with faeces. Untreated manure is not allowed to fertilize garden crops.

    Ascariasis is a very dangerous disease that can lead to serious complications. It is important to comply with all preventive measures in order not to become infected with worms. When any suspicion of the presence of parasites in the body is required to consult a doctor who will tell you how to treat ascariasis in adults. If the doctor prescribes the necessary laboratory tests for an accurate diagnosis, it is imperative to pass all tests. Only then can you start taking effective drugs from worms.

    Treatment reviews

    Review №1

    Quite unexpectedly discovered the presence of parasite eggs in feces. I had to go to the doctor. Parasitologist advised to take a safe new drug Gelmifort. I liked its mild effect on the body. Herbal extracts are very safe to expel all worms.

    I took this new tool for several days, according to the instructions. The drug ordered on the Internet on the official website. The remedy was quickly delivered, opened and immediately started treatment. The drug cleans the body well and removes all slags. After treatment, he again underwent tests. No parasites were found in the intestines. Now I’m generally afraid of getting helminths again.

    Valery, 33 years old - Moscow

    Review number 2

    I did not expect to be diagnosed with ascariasis after having tortured permanent allergies. It turned out they were caused by worms ascaris. These parasites were present in the intestines. Horror. An adult man, always wash my hands, in the house is clean and tidy. Immediately began to look for a very effective means to get rid of parasites. On the official website of the manufacturer, Helmiton bought a remedy for worms at the current discount.

    Very pleasant to the taste and do not cause side effects. Well helped. Saw drug, as recommended by the developers of this tool. After a month, my allergic reactions disappeared completely. I no longer suffer from skin rashes. Excellent tool that helps cleanse the body of parasites.

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