The lower abdomen hurts right and left - what does it mean

For the fifth day I haven’t been going to the toilet normally, because if I squeeze myself out of myself and it doesn’t always work out, but if it works out, then just a little bit. I’m even afraid to eat, where does it all fit in my stomach? goes out. There were abdominal pains from mild to moderate, in the lower abdomen on the right, ribs on the right as well, then somewhere on the side and sometimes goes to the lower back. The second day already doesn’t hurt. But still, you need to do something. I couldn’t make it. Yesterday I did an ovarian ultrasound, I thought that suddenly the cyst had grown again (I already had one, walked with her for three years, 10 months for Hell operated) On US like all normalno.vrach says that the intestine, more did not say anything intelligible.

Borisenko Yulia Vladimirovna

Psychologist, ConsultantSpecialist. Specialist from the site

Read about irritable bowel syndrome.

Colic, I guess. Go to the doctor. In the meantime, an enema or a laxative

There is NECESSARY. The question is what. And this is an individual matter, plums help it, to whom all sorts of activities and other dairy products. And you need to move more. And since it hurts below, most likely you have chronic appendicitis. If sick, do not hesitate to call an ambulance. You just don’t have to eat a laxative. And it’s time to go to the gastroenterologist - he will write you all sorts of tricky drugs that are not laxatives. - Under the ribs on the right - this is the gall bladder, apparently, bile does not particularly pass. She, if on the right, gives a bile duct soreness, it can go behind her back, and even gird her back to the left. Drink a choleretic collection, mainly - corn stigmas, also mint, motherwort, St. John's wort, you can also wild rose - buy herbs, brew, half a glass in the morning, half a glass in the evening. But with 1 tablet of noshpa, it may be a bit sick.

Intestinal spasm. It was all one to one. The doctor prescribed duspatalin, espumizan. Afabazole also helped, it calms not only nerves, but also helps with irritated bowels. Brew dill seed. Well, in general, of course, this is all the doctor prescribes. I just share my experience with you.)))) )Recover!

Constipation and pain are tormented by pulsation of the abdomen near the navel on the right, there is also a seal. What is it? Very worried.

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Why does the lower abdomen hurt on the right and left - what can it talk about?

In this part of the abdomen there are many vulnerable organs, these are:

The appendix that opens into the rectum (appendix)

Most of the intestines, where its departments are exposed to a number of diseases, starting with inflammation and obstruction and ending with cancer.

The ureter is the organ responsible for the flow of urine into the ureter from the kidneys.

Fallopian tubes in women.

What diseases bothers the lower abdomen on the right or left?

There are diseases for which similar pains are often observed, namely:

Infectious bowel disease

ileum inflammation

non-specific inflammation that is observed in the gastrointestinal tract

Diarrhea caused by parasites

Squeezed nerve endings that are located in this area.

Movement of stone from the bladder to the ureter.

Also, a cause of sharp pain in the lower abdomen is a restrained hernia. In order not to accidentally miss this variation of developing events, the doctor must properly examine the anterior abdominal wall.

Pain in the lower right abdomen manifests intestinal pathology

So worried

  • Crohn's disease,
  • symptoms of ileitis,
  • ulcerative colitis
  • in the presence of amoebas, worms, etc. in the intestines.

Pain in this area can be caused by shingles and pressure on the nerve endings. Do not exclude the movement of stone from the kidney to the bladder. In all these cases, you must immediately consult a doctor.

Appendicitis as a cause of pain in the lower right abdomen

When diagnosing a disease that manifests itself in pain in the abdomen, the localization of pain is of great importance. With this type of pain, you should beat the bells and call an ambulance, because it is possible appendicitis.

If the lower abdomen hurts on the right, then this is most likely an appendix and its inflammation should not be ruled out in any case, until it is proved by a doctor. With inflammation of the appendicitis, urgent surgical intervention is necessary, in the worst case, suppuration of the appendix and its rupture can go. If a break occurs, there is very little chance that you can save a person. If you feel the initial pain in the lower right abdomen and periodically passing to the navel or in the back, an ambulance should be called urgently.

The intestine itself, the ureter, and the fallopian tube in women can be affected. But first of all, appendicitis should be excluded, because with this disease, urgent surgical intervention may be required. Symptoms of appendix inflammation are:

  • nausea,
  • temperature rise,
  • pain that lasts several hours, first in the epigastric part - then, intensifying, it falls into the ileal part of the abdomen.

This pain gives to the rectum, intensifying when walking, when trying to lie on the left side (patients bend to the right or lie on the right side). In the presence of acute, cutting pain in this area, you should immediately call an ambulance.

The diagnosis of acute abdomen with pain on the right or left

Few people know such a thing as "Sharp belly." Alas, it does not please us with its symptoms and possible consequences, but if you seek medical help in time, then there is nothing particularly terrible. An acute abdomen, like appendicitis, leads a person to a dangerous condition that can occur with peritonitis of various genesis and acute pancreatitis.

The characteristic signs of these diseases may be

  • acute unbearable pain all over the lower abdomen,
  • general poor condition
  • bouts of vomiting
  • heat.

These diseases require immediate hospitalization and the most important thing to know is, under no circumstances, give the patient pain medications before the doctor arrives.

If there are pains in the lower abdomen, you should urgently consult a gastroenterologist, surgeon, or infectious disease specialist, and women should most likely attend a women's consultation with a gynecologist. But, if there is a suspicion of an acute abdomen, it is necessary to call an ambulance.

Be careful and listen to your body. Live with him in peace and take care of your health.

If the lower abdomen hurts in a woman or a man - what does it mean

If a woman comes to the doctor with such complaints, then perhaps this indicates an ectopic pregnancy, or inflammation of the reproductive organs. Ectopic pregnancy, like appendicitis, is very dangerous for human life. The danger is caused by the fixation of a fertilized egg in the fallopian tube. In cases of sexually transmitted diseases in women, pain is also felt in the lower abdomen on the right and if the pain is chronic, cyst and ovarian tumor should be excluded.

In women, the lower abdomen on the left often suffers from cystitis. The characteristic accompanying symptoms are usually painful and rapid urination, with an admixture of blood. If such manifestations are not observed, pain in the lower abdomen on the left or right indicates a passing inflammatory process of the uterine appendages (adnexitis).

Pain during menstruation periodically manifests in every girl and woman. They are the ongoing processes in your body, the rupture of the follicles with the subsequent release of eggs. The pain is mostly sharp with displacements in the lower abdomen. In general, do not worry, in very rare cases, pain during menstruation, which is accompanied by smearing blood flow, indicates the ongoing inflammatory processes. Chronic pain in a woman can be caused by an ovarian cyst.

If a man’s lower abdomen hurts

When men’s lower abdomen hurts, you need to immediately, without wasting time, turn to a urologist. After all, this pain can indicate the presence of completely different diseases:

  • urethritis,
  • prostatitis,
  • BPH,
  • cystitis and a number of other diseases.

Depending on the type of disease, the pain can be aching, dull or sharp, give in the groin or perineum. Also, in parallel, the temperature can rise and bleeding from the genital tract can go, chills, nausea and vomiting appear.

Pain in the lower abdomen with STDs

STDs also cause pain in this area of ​​the abdomen. If they are suspected, it is necessary to take tests for such infections as

  • chlamydia
  • trichomoniasis,
  • gonorrhea.

The intensification of abdominal pain during menstruation gives reason to suspect endometriosis.

There is no definitive diagnosis for pains in the lower right abdomen; pain is only a symptom for many diseases. Pain in the lower right abdomen should be taken very seriously, since disruption of one of the organs can jeopardize a person’s life and require emergency medical attention.

With such pains in the lower right abdomen, you should contact a gastroenterologist, surgeon, traumatologist, infectious disease specialist or gynecologist. When describing the symptoms at the doctor’s appointment, it is necessary to highlight the place where the pain hurts the most, explain the nature of the pain, tell how the abdominal pain is accompanied, how it appeared and developed.

I have a stomachache . Pregnancy and childbirth. Conferences on

Girls, calm me down, please. I have a strange stomach ache in the morning today. not like with menstruation, it doesn’t pull, but somehow it stabs briefly in different places - either to the right or to the left. But it is frightening that the baby is also very calm today, he usually always kicks at work. What do you think is what could be? Should I go to the doctor? Or will it pass? Thank you very much in advance.

Drawing pain in the lower abdomen on the left

On the left side are organs that can cause pulling pain - these are the left kidney, intestines and internal reproductive organs. Pain in this area may be the main symptom for conditions that cause pain in this quadrant, but appendicitis is an exception. Many people suffer from an upset bowel - it’s a nervous stomach or irritable bowel syndrome. This syndrome is a combination of functional disorders lasting more than 12 weeks and throughout the year. Symptoms of this disease include pain, cramping, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and gas buildup. This syndrome is also accompanied by changes in the frequency and consistency of the stool and the act of defecation. And during this disease, the recurrent nature of complaints, the variability of complaints, an increase in stress disorder, lack of progression, lack of weight loss and other functional disorders can be observed.

Severe pain in the lower left abdomen

Severe pain from the left lower abdomen occurs with inflammation of the lower colon and in most cases, in addition to pain, there are other symptoms - bloating and stool. And in this case, you need to abandon the spicy and spicy seasonings, fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and black bread, that is, follow a standard diet. And if for several days your health does not improve, despite the diet, you need to see a doctor who will prescribe the use of healing drugs.

Pain on the left side of the lower abdomen in women can indicate the presence of diseases of the genitourinary system. And if the pain is very severe and is accompanied by vomiting and fever, and the pain itself spreads not only from the left side, but also moves to the right, then there is a high probability that a woman will have torsion of the legs of the ovarian cyst. And in this case, only surgical treatment will help, so you need to urgently call an ambulance.

Sharp pain in the lower abdomen on the left

A sharp pain in the lower abdomen on the left side indicates inflammation of the appendicitis or salpingo-oophoritis. In addition, the temperature may rise, and when feeling the abdomen, the patient may experience severe pain. And if the pain is very severe, then you must immediately call an ambulance. In addition, sharp pain on the left side of the lower abdomen can be a result of an ectopic pregnancy and in most cases the pain appears on one side, but in some cases it can be bilateral. With an exacerbation, the pain gradually becomes stronger, and with movement it sharply intensifies, and can also be cramping in nature. And if the fallopian tube suddenly ruptures, then the pain can be sudden and unbearably strong.

Aching pain in the lower abdomen on the left

Aching pain in the lower abdomen on the left side can occur due to stomach problems, while the pain itself is aching in nature and is often accompanied by vomiting and nausea. Moreover, such symptoms are very dangerous, because the stomach can hurt for a variety of reasons, and some of them require immediate treatment, for example, gastric cancer or peptic ulcer. But there are also cases when pain in the left quadrant of the abdomen occurs due to diaphragmatic hernia. This disease is most often observed in the elderly. In addition, the pancreas can give pain in the left side. Of course, most often with inflammation of the pancreas, pain occurs in the middle, but it can on the right and even on the left, so this diagnosis should not be ruled out. And aching pain is especially dangerous, which is felt from the inside, and also has a girdling character. In most cases, such pain radiates to the back and in some cases is accompanied by vomiting and nausea, as well as an increase in temperature. Therefore, in such situations, you should immediately call an ambulance.

When the stomach hurts on the left side and at the same time the woman has spotting from the genital tract, this indicates the presence of certain diseases of the genital organs. And in this situation, you should consult a gynecologist, because only a specialist will be able to correctly diagnose and the true cause of the pain, as well as study the tests and prescribe the appropriate treatment. And if aching pain in the lower abdomen is accompanied by fever and chills, then this indicates the presence of a certain infection in the pelvic area.In any case, with acute, pulling or aching pain in the lower abdomen, which does not stop for several hours, you should immediately consult a doctor. And with very severe pain, you can not waste time and immediately call an ambulance, since it is possible that the person’s future life depends on it.

The cause of pain is lower left. Pregnancy planning

Maria Mikhailovna, I am turning to you for advice. I periodically exacerbate the pulling pains in the lower left abdomen - in the inguinal region. Most often this happens before or during menstruation, but sometimes it is not connected with the cycle, i.e. appears in the middle, sometimes with constipation. But I can’t identify any clear dynamics. A year ago there was laparoscopy - 1.5 cm was removed on the left ovary. The cyst associated with the origin of endometriosis. During the course of Zoladex, I do not remember the fact of these pains. I was invited to.

Pyelonephritis in children

Acute pyelonephritis (inflammation of the kidneys) - one of the most common diseases of the urinary system in children, this disease is an acute microbial inflammatory process in the pyelocaliceal system and tubulointerstitial tissue of the kidneys. Ways of kidney infection with pyelonephritis: ascending (more often in older age groups, in girls, the vulva may be the source of inflammation, in boys, the inflamed foreskin, head of the penis) is hematogenous (at.

indigestion. Pregnancy and childbirth

Girls, hello everyone! Here after 9 years I returned to this forum again :)) I already have two daughters 15.9. I have such a problem: the beginning of pregnancy, only 5 weeks, (I think so), but the intestines were terribly upset! First, one side hurt, now the entire lower abdomen, frequent loose stools and such (!) gases. guard. I need to see a doctor only on November 15, because I was already there, because of pains on my side, I was afraid that the ectopic. It seemed everything was in order. But the deadline was very short, so I was sent home nothing.

Pain in the lower abdomen. Women Health

Hello! For about a week now I have been bothered by mild pains, sipping in the lower abdomen. Especially starts to pull if I walk for a long time. Either at the very bottom just above the pubis or slightly higher and to the side - more often in the left. In general, the lower abdomen is somehow tense and swollen, as usual before menstruation. Usually, after they start, the stomach "subsides", but this time - no. What could it be? I exclude pregnancy by 99% since I accept OK (Tri-Regol).

The most common causes of abdominal pain in schoolchildren.

At school age, more than half of children complain of recurring abdominal pain. In some cases, pain passes without a trace and does not require serious treatment, but in 50–70% they continue to bother patients, turning into chronic gastroenterological diseases. There are a large number of diseases that are accompanied by abdominal pain. The nature of distinguish between acute, chronic and recurring abdominal pain. Acute abdominal pain can be a consequence of acute.

What hurts me ?. Pregnancy and childbirth. Conferences on

Girls! Maybe someone already had this. The third day hurts at the very bottom of the abdomen on the left side, almost in the place where the legs join the body :). It hurts periodically: it hurts, then it stops, the pain is aching and throbbing-pulling, but not like with menstruation or tone. If it were on the right, I thought it was the intestines, as in constipation. What could it be? Did anyone have this?

Endometriosis - a female disease of the 21st century

When a woman experiences discomfort and constant pain, this not only brings her physical suffering, but also directly affects her emotional and psychological state. About a third of women (34%) complain of pain in the lower abdomen to friends instead of visiting a specialist. Sometimes this pain becomes so strong that a woman is unable to get out of bed because of one of those “days” that lasts too long. American scientists have found that labor efficiency suffers.

Girls, urgently, constipation! Children's medicine

Who knows how to quickly help with constipation (most likely) a child of 5 years. In the morning after breakfast, he roared, complaining of abdominal pain. The day before I didn’t go in big way. Yes, my grandmother, frightened, gave him a smect :( Apart from kefir, I don’t know anything, and he won’t start acting immediately. Now I’ll go home, I need to know what to do. Help, who knows.

Look at this topic, the exact same problem.

Pain in the lower abdomen. Pregnancy and childbirth

Girls! Someone has encountered such a phenomenon - the lower abdomen hurts when walking or standing for a long time - the term is already quite long, not the beginning. This was not the first time. I was at the doctor’s office, they didn’t find contractions, but if they were, they would hardly have found them, everything is in order, the doctor thinks that the inflammatory process is going on somewhere, I’ll hand over the analysis on Sunday, but for now, who can thoughts on this subject?

URGENTLY. WIFE 30-49 OSHROSP ON. Survey Invitations

URGENTLY. WIFE 30-49 GENEROLOGICAL DISEASE QUESTION: Everyone has a diagnosis of uterine fibroids or fibroids delivered by a doctor for at least 6 months. They have symptoms: painful menstruation, chronic pelvic pain, pain during sex, profuse non-discharge, blood loss during prolonged (7 and more days) menstruation, pressure on the bladder (frequent urination), pressure on the intestines (constipation, flatulence) pain in the lower back, feeling of pressure or fullness in the lower abdomen, which interferes with.

Acute constipation. Children's medicine

The second day I can’t “kick off” the child - I gave senade, kefir, beets, kiwi, put enemas with water and oil, made glycerin suppositories (the last go out without dissolving). At the same time, constant urges, but nothing comes of it, since too large masses apparently have accumulated. The child is very hurt, crying. What else can be done? I’ll give you Regulax for the night, but it’s necessary that there is an action today, otherwise tomorrow it will be even worse.

heaviness in the lower abdomen. Pregnancy and childbirth

Girls please share your experience. For 11-12 weeks tonight there was a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen and in the vagina. the impression is that right now everything will fall out from there. Discharge, no pain. So I think whether it is from too quick throwing around the kitchen, or from my unfortunate intestines (terrible bloating and constipation, although today everything was fine with a chair), or is it a real threat. I drank some magne, but I put a candle and papaverine. Share who could have been.

Pain in the lower abdomen. Medicine and Health

Over the past two years now and then pains occur in the lower abdomen. Sometimes the pulling ones are sometimes very strong, so that the legs twist from top to knee (as if the veins want to get out). Sometimes a burden helps, and sometimes it doesn't. Pain sometimes occurs during arousal, sometimes during intercourse or after, but such pains are usually pulling not very long and not very strong. And severe pain occurs for no reason at all, or even at night, is not tied to the menstrual cycle or in any way.

How the stomach grows during pregnancy. Abdominal pain: where?

. In addition, changes occur in the fallopian tubes (they thicken, blood circulation increases in them), in the ovaries (they increase somewhat in size, cyclic processes stop in them, and the position of the ovaries changes due to an increase in the size of the uterus). Mild pain in the lower abdomen can occur several times during the day, but as a rule, they quickly disappear if a woman occupies a position convenient for her. Sometimes periodic discomfort in the lower lateral abdomen appears with constipation, which is also common in pregnant women. During pregnancy, hormones are produced that relax the uterus, and they have a similar effect on the intestines.
. Mild pain in the lower abdomen can occur several times during the day, but as a rule, they quickly disappear if a woman occupies a position convenient for her. Sometimes periodic discomfort in the lower lateral abdomen appears with constipation, which is also common in pregnant women. During pregnancy, hormones are produced that relax the uterus, they have a similar effect on the intestines: its peristalsis is disturbed, and constipation eventually occurs.

Why pricks the lower abdomen. Natty100's blog on

WHY BUMPS BELOW. Everyone knows that as soon as there is any tingling in the lower abdomen - this means that the organ that is in the abdominal cavity has malfunctioned. It is almost impossible to determine the cause of the pain on your own; a thorough medical examination is required here. Often the reason why colitis in the lower abdomen is difficult to determine even for a professional doctor, since the pain can occur on the right, and the source of pain is in the left part of the abdomen. Today.

A man is pregnant. Zgd's blog on

You have never been so bad before. You are constantly sick, now and then your back and lower abdomen hurt and the digestive system is completely out of order. People around are some nasty job - rubbish, colleagues annoy with their stupidity. In general, all is not right and wrong. One wise guy at work said that recently you have been acting like a pregnant woman. Well, you really will have a baby soon, but you are ... a man. Kuwad syndrome It turns out that pregnant men are everywhere! I.e.

Base! 1700 rub. Uterine fibroids or uterine fibroids ..

Women 30-40 years old who have a doctor’s diagnosis of uterine fibroids or uterine fibromyoma are invited to a basic survey Criteria: o Do not have a diagnosis of endometriosis o Diagnosed at least 6 months ago o At present suffer from at least 2 of the listed symptoms: painful menstruation, chronic pelvic pain, pain during sexual intercourse, heavy menstrual flow / loss of blood during menstruation, prolonged menstruation (7 or longer), pressure.

Appendicitis in the baby - How to recognize.

What are the symptoms of which you should immediately call a doctor? Even with a light pressure on the stomach, you can determine what hurts most in the lower right abdomen. The stomach is swollen, tense, the gases do not go away. High temperature - up to 39-40 degrees, lips are dry, hot, the child is lethargic, crying. Constantly nausea, may be without vomiting, or, conversely, frequent vomiting. White coating on the tongue. The pain is constantly increasing. Diarrhea with mucus. The difference between the temperature measured under the armpit and in the anus is more than 1 degree.

Sex during pregnancy. Blog of user Olga_Mo on 7я.ру

If the pregnancy goes well, it is possible for future parents to have sex, it will not hurt the child, and with the approach of the term of birth it is even desirable to do this. The ban on sex during pregnancy, if imposed, then most often, for a while, and it is better to check with your doctor how long you need to maintain abstinence. Doctors of antenatal clinics usually warn expectant mothers if sex is contraindicated, and when everything goes well, they do not always explain that intimate relationships are not dangerous.

Pain in the lower abdomen, heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea? When it’s dangerous.

Pain in the lower abdomen, heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea? When self-medication is dangerous
. Antacids are one of the top-selling over-the-counter drugs. You need to know that they: May contain calcium and are even considered a calcium-containing food supplement. Antacids that envelop the stomach and neutralize acid can block the absorption of other drugs. Some antacids cause constipation or diarrhea. How to choose a drug and when to take it better: before or after a meal? If you rarely have heartburn or stomach discomfort, take a liquid antacid if you are at home, a chewable tablet if you are out of the house because it is easier to carry with you. Antacids Neutralize gastric ki.

Drawing pains in the lower abdomen

. But in any case, these pains are not dangerous for the future mother, nor for the baby, and they do not need to be treated. Pain is a protective reaction that occurs with irritation of pain receptors located in organs and tissues. It gives us a signal that some changes are taking place in our body. Drawing pains in the lower abdomen During pregnancy, hormones are produced that affect the intestines: the movement of food through the intestines is slower. In this regard, overstretching of its individual sections is possible, very often constipation occurs. In such a situation, a woman may be disturbed by dull, bursting pains in the lower abdomen on the sides (usually on the left), as well as increased gas formation. The unpleasant sensations in the abdomen disappear as the food is digested, but can be repeated if it is wrong.

The tummy hurts and stirs up !. Pregnancy and childbirth

Hello everybody! I am new to this "case"))) for a short period of 5 weeks, to the doctor only on 11/13., But I am concerned about the fact that it has been aching and pulling the lower abdomen for a week, it has been aggravating for the second day, but not sick. I drink magnesium B6, folic and Vitamin E. I really want to sleep, but due to the fact that I feel bad I can’t fall asleep, I tried to take all kinds of poses to ease my suffering, everything is in vain! Tell me, is this normal? And so it will be constantly all 9 months? Maybe something to drink from these debilitating pains?

Divorced actors Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philip: different.

Oscar-winning actress and young mother Reese Witherspoon enjoys sunny days with her 11-month-old son Tennessee, whose father is Hollywood agent Jim Toth: While Reese is hanging out with her youngest child, her ex-husband, 38-year-old actor Ryan Philip, spends time with their older children - 13-year-old Eva and 9-year-old Deacon: The day after the walk, Ryan Philip, exhausted by comparisons of his not-so-successful career with the fame and awards of Witherspoon, angrily tweeted: “I don’t have any.

Intestine hurts - what to do ?.

Fortunately, doctors know how, with the help of small changes in the diet and daily regimen, you can remove the symptoms of a diseased intestine and turn it into a calm one. Take laxatives in moderation. If you woke up with abdominal pain and constipation or diarrhea, and you are facing a serious event, it is permissible to take a laxative or a remedy for diarrhea. Just do not use them constantly (they must be changed). Otherwise, you will come to the conclusion that diarrhea will be replaced by constipation, and over time, the intestines can become completely lazy.

Intestine after childbirth - we restore work. Problems with.

Proper nutrition for constipation - advice from a doctor.
. It restores the water balance of the intestine and normalizes its work. Natural childbirth If a woman has tears in the vagina during childbirth or has been given an episiotomy (dissection of perineal tissues), doctors cannot do without suturing. In such cases, spastic constipation is most often observed: the intestines are in a compressed state, sometimes everything is accompanied by abdominal pain. What to do? A young mother can’t sit (just stand or lie down), it is also not recommended to push. Take antispasmodic drugs. Adhere to a special diet that improves intestinal motility. Postpartum diet A woman's diet in the first 2–3 days should consist only of liquid foods: mineral.

Problems after childbirth. Postpartum Health Issues

What should a woman pay special attention to in the first weeks after giving birth?
. All problems associated with urinary incontinence with regular exercises should go away in 3 months. If urine is released when you jump in place after 3 months, go to the doctor, he will determine the next tactic. Constipation is another common postpartum nuisance. The crowded "lazy" intestine causes unpleasant sensations, interferes with the correct contraction of the uterus, toxins from it are actively absorbed into the bloodstream, penetrating into milk.Fighting constipation should be primarily a diet - foods rich in fiber - dried apricots, wholemeal bread, nuts, high-quality pasta, prunes, beets, bran - stimulate the intestines. Remember that when breastfeeding.

There was pressure in the perineum and anus. Pregnancy.

Peers and those who are older, tell me - who is just as tormented as me? My strengths are gone, in the afternoon the young animal presses on the perineum and anus, the bones there all hurt, the labia swollen, somehow twisted and sore, it is simply impossible to sit on them, something is stopping and pressing in the area of ​​the anus like a ball inserted there. Sorry for the details, I found out this place for hemorrhoids, but did not find anything suspicious. In the morning there is still pain, then, as the intestines fill up, as well.

Not sparing his stomach. Healthy eating

. Most foodborne bacteria live from several hours to several days and do not require antibiotic treatment. But, if after three days you still have symptoms of poisoning (abdominal pain, vomiting and / or diarrhea), be sure to consult a doctor. Cause: Too much alcohol. Problem: Severe abdominal pain radiating to the back, fever and vomiting, possibly an attack of pancreatitis. Usually busting alcohol at a party threatens with only a hangover, but sometimes the consequences can be very serious, even life-threatening. Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the gland that produces digestive enzymes. An attack can happen both after one night of libation, and because of the constant use of alcohol. An attack usually.

Abdominal pain in a child, possible causes.

. Abdominal pain is the most common reason for going to the doctor in pediatric practice. There are a lot of diseases in the picture of which there are abdominal pains. But the most important thing is not to miss among them those that require emergency surgical care. Quite often, the parents themselves are guilty of late diagnosis and development of complications, who, when self-medicating, go to the doctor too late. A sharp surgical patol.

Abdominal pain: in which cases urgently see a doctor

. "Female" problems: Ovarian rupture Ectopic pregnancy Circulatory disorders in the ovaries, myomatous nodes, pelvic tumors Pain in gynecological diseases can be non-intense (except for ruptures), gradually increase. The pain is localized in the lower abdomen on the right or left. However, abdominal pain is not always caused by a problem in the abdominal cavity. But from this the situation is no less serious. Often, abdominal pain is caused by renal pathology. Pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, renal colic - all these diseases can be masked and manifest only pain in the abdomen (depending on the affected kidney, the pain is localized in the lumbar region or in the abdomen closer to the diseased organ). The pain is not tolerant.

Call '03'. Pregnancy Complications | "Sharp belly"

| "Sharp belly"

. Before the arrival of the ambulance, you should go to bed, taking the position on your left side, after urinating, put ice on the lower abdomen. Pain During pregnancy, pain can be felt quite often. In the first half of pregnancy (up to 20 weeks), short-term stitching or aching pains in the lower abdomen, lumbar region can be associated with uterine growth, sprains, flatulence or constipation, which occur in early pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Mild aching pain in the lower abdomen or sacrum without bleeding can be a manifestation of a threatened miscarriage. In the second half of pregnancy, when the load on the muscles of the back and foot increases, pain in the lumbar region may appear. The appearance of pain c.

Constipation after childbirth: causes, diagnosis, treatment.

. This is a common bowel reaction to any surgical intervention in the abdominal cavity. It can also occur due to errors in the diet. Another form is spastic constipation, when the intestinal tone is increased and peristalsis becomes unproductive due to the "squeezed" condition of the intestine. For this type, psychological causes are more characteristic. Atonic constipation can be accompanied by pulling, aching abdominal pains, a feeling of fullness of the intestines, increased gas formation, lack of appetite, nausea, lethargy, apathy, and depressed mood. When defecation occurs, there is a lot of feces, the initial portion is shaped, dense, of a larger diameter than normal, the final portion is liquid. The bowel movement is painful, there may be tears in the mucous membrane of the rectum and anus, then blood streaks remain on the surface of the feces.
. When defecation occurs, there is a lot of feces, the initial portion is shaped, dense, of a larger diameter than normal, the final portion is liquid. The bowel movement is painful, there may be tears in the mucous membrane of the rectum and anus, then streaks of blood and (or) mucus remain on the surface of the stool. With a spastic form of pain, paroxysmal, often in the left abdomen. Flatulence, lack of appetite, fatigue, nervousness, irritability, nausea, feces in the form of the so-called "sheep feces" can be - the stool is very dense in small rounded portions. Desires for bowel movements can occur even several times a day, but bowel movement is incomplete, difficult, in small portions. Separately

Caesarean section: recover without loss! Cesarean section

. The size of the uterus in the hospital is measured every day, and by the 10th day after cesarean section, its size is slightly larger than the size of the uterus before pregnancy. In lactating women, the size of the uterus normalizes faster. Within a few days after birth, the uterus should normally greatly decrease in size. Such uterine contractions cause minor pulling pains in the lower abdomen, as during menstruation. Pain can be aggravated by breastfeeding, as during feeding, the hormone oxytocin is produced, which helps to reduce the uterus. But after surgical labor due to the presence of a suture, the uterus sometimes does not contract well enough. As a result of this, blood debris may accumulate in it and inflammation may begin and body temperature may rise.
. For better uterine contraction, it is advisable to periodically lie on the stomach, a gentle massage of the abdomen is useful, it is necessary to wear a bandage, regular bowel movement, it is also recommended to apply ice to the lower abdomen 3-5 times a day for 7-10 minutes. Constipation After cesarean section, a decrease in normal bowel function - constipation is possible. On the 2nd day after the operation, a cleansing enema is placed to stimulate the activity of the intestine and better uterine contraction, since after the operation the intestine is in a relaxed state, which contributes to the accumulation of gas, and prevents the normal movement of food through the intestines. After cesarean section, a suitable diet is suitable for a woman.

I took such a bandage after Cesarean, I think it is very successful:

well already! (. Women's health

I got PMS. (((And so a week before the month. Temp. 37.-37.3, so this time it was already 38 days 3 days! Moreover, the whole stomach and lower back twisted as if it were a good birth. Only a week was treated with antibiotics for bronchitis .And here’s a terrible 3 days! Suddenly, when I’m already completely frightened and exhausted. - Damn! And this begins a well-known process (. What's wrong? Why is it so painful? Can someone share., Tests and therapist only tomorrow. (

recurrent abdominal pain. Child from 10 to 13

daughter 10 years old increasingly complains of abdominal pain around the navel. Examined by ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, general tests of urine, blood, biochemistry, worms, giardia. Everything is okay. Found a slight dyskinesia. No treatment was prescribed. We try to adhere to a healthy diet - fast food, soft drinks, chips are extremely rare (once or twice a year). What could it be? how else to examine? can such pains be the harbingers of menstruation? the girl already has a breast. I tried to find.

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