The benefits and harms of omelet

Calorie omelet per 100 grams 184 kcal. 100 g of product contains:

  • 9.6 g of protein
  • 15.4 g of fat
  • 1.9 g of carbohydrates.

The vitamin and mineral composition of omelettes is represented by vitamins A, B2, B9, B12, E, D, calcium, potassium, lecithin, iron, lutein, selenium.

The benefits of omelet

When used in moderation, the benefit of omelet is quite large:

  • the dish is full of vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system,
  • omelet is indicated for chronic muscle and headaches,
  • the B vitamins contained in the omelet are beneficial for the health of the nervous system,
  • the main component of the omelet is chicken eggs, which are rich in vitamins A, E, D,
  • omelette vitamin A - a natural antioxidant that is useful for the health of bones, eyes, skin, as well as the regulation of protein synthesis during oxidative and regenerative processes,
  • Omelette B vitamins are useful for maintaining muscle tone, accelerating metabolism,
  • Vitamin E in the product is necessary to increase the elasticity of blood vessels, the rapid healing of wounds,
  • calcium and egg carbonate dishes are used to stimulate bone marrow function.

Omelette Harm

The following harmful properties of omelet are known:

  • the cholesterol contained in the dish clogs the vessels,
  • fried omelette loses up to 95% of nutrients,
  • omelet made from low-quality eggs can cause salmonellosis,
  • many people develop allergic reactions to components in the composition of the dish, including intolerance to egg and oil proteins.

How to cook an omelet

If you decide to cook an omelet, we recommend that you use the following French omelet recipe.

To prepare the dish you will need 3 chicken eggs, 35 g of butter, a quarter of a teaspoon of salt, a fifth of a teaspoon of ground pepper.

Stages of cooking:

  • The eggs are beaten with a fork until the mass becomes homogeneous. Try not to overdo it: too beaten eggs can cause the omelet to be very dense.
  • On a well-heated skillet over medium heat, put 35 g butter. As soon as the butter is melted, the previously obtained egg mixture is poured onto it.
  • Omelette frying lasts 1.5 - 2 minutes. The readiness indicator is a golden crust on the sides, a slightly viscous middle.
  • The finished omelet is removed from the fire, sprinkled with ground pepper, salt.

The dish goes well with rye bread, vegetables. Enjoy your meal!

Omelette story

According to one version, the omelet was first cooked in Austria; it is not known for certain for the emperor Franz Joseph I the poor shepherds or a noble cook. Another version attributes the invention of an omelet, in the recipe of which - only eggs, and not beaten, but only slightly mixed, to French chefs. One way or another, it is the French version of the omelet without additives, fried in a pan on one side until it is thickened without a lid and then folded in half or rolled up before serving, is considered a classic omelet recipe.

Methods for making an omelet

The omelet is spread all over the world, many have tried and gladly cook at home Spanish tortilla (with potatoes and onions), Italian frittatu (with vegetables and herbs) or Japanese omu-soba (with noodles), the British prepare the omelet, stirring it with a clove of garlic, strung on the plug. An omelet made from eggs has a delicate consistency, its airiness or some “rubberiness”, yellow color, pleasant egg taste and corresponding smell depend on the method of preparation. Omelet made from some proteins is white.

The composition and useful properties of omelet

The traditional omelet includes eggs, milk, salt and butter, which fry the omelet, if it is not a non-stick pan. At its core, omelet is a protein dish that activates metabolic processes in the body, creating a building material for cells (calorizator). The product contains choline, vitamins of group B, D, as well as useful minerals such as: copper, iron, chlorine and sulfur, iodine, fluorine. This vitamin-mineral complex is able to provide timely transmission of impulses to the nerve endings, helps to maintain flexibility and elasticity of the joints, has a beneficial effect on the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Omelet in weight loss

Omelettes are often included in the menu of various diets and nutrition methods, for example, a low-calorie diet and an egg-protein diet recommend that you prepare omelets. To get the maximum benefit, it is better to use an omelet in the morning, ideally for breakfast, to make the metabolism speed up.

To reduce the calorie content of an omelet, it can be prepared from egg whites, with or without 1 yolk, using non-skim milk or kefir to 1% fat.

For information on how to have breakfast with porridge or omelette, see the video "About the most important thing."

Cooking omelet

Omelets are used as an independent dish, adding vegetables, mushrooms, boiled rice or pasta, cheese, ham or bacon. It should be remembered that supplements, especially meat, add calories to the dish. Omelet is used as an ingredient in complex snacks, salads, and spicy toppings are wrapped in it.

For more about the omelet, its benefits and harms, see the video “Omelet - the benefits and calories. The recipe for the best way to cook an omelet ”of the TV program“ On the most important thing ”.

Calorie content

The calorie content of omelet per 100g directly depends on the number of eggs used, and on the additives present in it:

  1. Protein - 85kcal. Two eggs are usually used per person, so there will be 170 kcal in a protein dish.
  2. With the addition of tomatoes, calories increase to 250 kcal.
  3. If cheese is added to an omelet from one egg, the rate will increase to 340 kcal.
  4. The calorie content of the omelet cooked on water will be only 136 kcal.
  5. If the egg powder is involved in the cooking process, then it will have 205kcal.

When calculating the calorie content of omelette, people must necessarily take into account the additives used:

Product Name Additives

kcal / 100g

Milk (1.0% fat)

Hams and Sausages

The benefits and harms of fried eggs with tomatoes

Everyone knows that in the process of frying eggs, fats are involved. The harm from such a dish will directly depend on the number of eggs used, and on the type and volume of oil. If a person makes a dish of one protein and one yolk, and uses no more than 5 g of oil (vegetable or olive) when frying, then his nutritional value will be 154 kcal.

Many nutritionists claim that if tomatoes are added to the fried eggs during frying, then the finished dish will become less harmful and high-calorie.

The benefits of such a meal will be as follows:

  1. Nutritional value will increase by only 9kcal.
  2. The portion size will become much larger, due to which there will be a speedy saturation, and this is extremely important for people seeking to get rid of extra pounds.
  3. In the diet of each person, vegetables that are sources of vitamins and minerals must be present.
  4. In the process of cooking, people can use both fresh and frozen tomatoes. Having prepared the required amount of tomatoes in season, you can eat your favorite dish throughout the year.
  5. Nutritionists strongly recommend adding onions, sweet peppers, and herbs to the scrambled eggs besides tomatoes. Such additives will not significantly increase its nutritional value, but will bring great benefits to the body.
  6. It is not recommended to use lard, pork fat in the frying process, since in this case the calorie content of the dish will rapidly increase.
  7. Nutritionists are categorically against losing weight using ham, sausage, and hard cheeses as additives, as they contain a large amount of fat, and they will only contribute to gaining extra pounds.

Omelette Properties

The effect of omelet on the body and its nutritional value is determined by its special chemical composition.

First of all, it is a protein product that helps build muscle tissue. It is used in the nutrition of athletes and those people who tolerate significant physical exertion.

  1. Vitamin E, which is part of it, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, accelerates regenerative processes in soft tissues, provides elasticity and smoothness of the skin.
  2. Vitamin A restores the retina, improves twilight vision. He also takes part in redox processes and has an immunomodulatory effect.
  3. A dish prepared with milk contains digestible calcium and phosphorus. These substances strengthen bone tissue, ensure the health of teeth, nails and hair. If you cook this dish without milk, it will not have such properties.
  4. Vitamins of group B contribute to the healing of mucous membranes, bind and remove free radicals from the body, thereby preventing early aging. They contribute to the synthesis of hemoglobin, therefore, have a beneficial effect on blood formation.
  5. Sodium normalizes the functioning of the nervous system and the water-salt balance. It eliminates tissue swelling and supports urinary function.
  6. The fat-like substances lecithins stabilize metabolism, support the functioning of the brain, improve memory and are involved in the restoration of the liver. They also reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood and prevent the development of atherosclerosis, so the question of whether this product is useful can be answered in the affirmative.

Harm to the body

The harmful properties of this product are mainly due to the method of its preparation.

  1. The "bad" cholesterol in this product is found exclusively in the yolks, and its amount is minimal. This amount increases after frying in butter or lard, so it is recommended to cook eggs with steam or olive oil.
  2. This is an active product that can trigger an allergic reaction in people prone to food allergies.

With gastritis

This is a valuable dietary product, which during periods of exacerbation of gastritis has a soft enveloping effect on the mucous membranes and is easily absorbed by the body. With gastritis, it must be cooked in water or steamed, without the addition of milk and fat. In severe cases, only proteins are used for cooking.

With pancreatitis

Fried foods stimulate pancreatic juice production. You can eat omelet with pancreatitis, but only one that has been cooked on water in a double boiler or slow cooker.

With an exacerbation of the disease, the use of this product must be completely stopped. The yolk component aggravates pancreatic pains, so it is recommended to prepare a protein omelet. The daily intake is limited to two eggs.

During pregnancy

If the future mother does not have individual egg intolerance, the omelette will be a good addition to her diet. This product is a source of digestible protein and vitamins necessary for the proper development of the fetus.

In addition, it contains the substance choline, which is vital for a developing baby. Prepare an omelet for pregnant women should be on the water with a small addition of olive oil.

When breastfeeding

It is recommended to include this product in the menu of a nursing mother, starting from the third month of feeding. First, it should be prepared from quail eggs, which are considered a non-allergenic product, and then, if desired, switch to chicken.

It is necessary to introduce an omelet into the diet with HS gradually, in small portions, to check the reaction of the baby.

With weight loss and diet

This is a healthy and nutritious protein product that is present in almost all diets, including the strictest ones.

There are certain restrictions on its use - for example, any meat additives should be excluded, as well as frying on animal fats. In this case, the dish made from proteins has the lowest calorie content, which is why it is most often used in diet food.

Omelet is a valuable nutritious dish that is used in medical and dietary nutrition to improve the health of the body. It provides the body with digestible protein, nutrients and can be prepared using various additives.

The unique benefit of this product is due to its chemical composition, and only an improperly prepared dish can harm the body. The recommended daily norm of an omelet for an adult is 200 g. If you adhere to this norm, an omelet will bring the body exclusively benefits.

A healthy recipe for omelet without frying: video

Scary dish

Some people flatly refuse to use the omelet, calling it a nightmare for the heart and blood vessels. Huge eyes make: “What are you! There are eggs! Cholesterol!"

Meanwhile, in many countries, independent studies have been conducted. And they did not show any dependence on blood cholesterol from eating omelet for breakfast.

In fact, the worst fear is frying. Especially in butter with the addition of other high-calorie ingredients. But if you cook an omelette steamed or in a slow cooker (in extreme cases, grind it in vegetable oil), then such breakfast will not bring much harm.

But besides cholesterol, there is another danger from omelette. And it is precisely in the eggs. Firstly, they themselves are quite a powerful allergen. Therefore, they may well provoke an attack of at least diathesis. Especially in young children and in people with individual intolerance.

And secondly, the notorious salmonellosis. Many are afraid of him, like fire. But few people know that inside the egg is almost sterile. Remember, in childhood, small wounds were sealed with a film from the shell and fled to the street, to walk on. Salmonellosis bacteria can be on the outer surface of the shell. It’s not in vain that we are told that we must wash our eggs before eating! Preferably with soda.

This precaution saved many lives at one time. Do not forget to follow it always. Then the disease will not overtake you.

And maybe useful?

What are we all about bad and terrible? Indeed, on the other hand, scrambled eggs are a very good component of breakfast. Although during heat treatment, eggs lose some of their vitamins and minerals, but milk adds its own minerals. Therefore omelette:

  1. Increases the elasticity of blood vessels, promotes the speedy healing of cuts, wounds and scratches. This is vitamin E trying.
  2. It supports the skin from the inside, helps the body normalize oxidative processes, and serves vision. Vitamin A is responsible for this.
  3. Supports the skeletal system and prevents osteoporosis. This milk calcium serves you.
  4. Helps the nervous system, strengthens and enhances hair growth. B vitamins are at your service.
  5. It supplies Vitamin D to the body. By the way, it does not break down during heat treatment.

As you can see, a very good set of very useful substances. And an overdose is almost impossible. Still, rarely can anyone eat a lot of omelettes in one sitting. Well, whoever can, let him control himself. A lot of good is bad.

Lutein and Lecithin

Are the words similar in sound? But in action they are completely different. But both are very important for the human body.

Lutein. In fact, it is a pigment. On the other hand - a fat-soluble substance. It is it that is responsible for visual acuity. With his lack of human ability to see catastrophically falls. Therefore, a full omelet has a beneficial effect on your eyes.

Of course, you can get lutein from yellow vegetables and fruits. But it is in the omelet that it is in an easily accessible form and is absorbed almost completely.

Important! Protein omelette does not contain lutein. And it’s not good for the eyes.

Lecithin. This is the name of a complex of substances. They have a very extensive coverage:

  • support the liver, help its work and recovery
  • normalize metabolic processes
  • improve memory, activate brain activity
  • responsible for the quality of the membranes of all body cells
  • participate in all energy reactions of the body
  • keep up the work of the brain
  • involved in cell homeostasis

It is interesting to know that lecithin is found in all tissues of the human body. But the most important is its high content in the omelet. Therefore, the benefits of the dish are simply invaluable. If only because with a lack of lecithin complex in the body, a person ages almost before our eyes. Plus, the body’s ability to regenerate is lost, serious diseases appear. Moreover, their etiology is incomprehensible, and the diagnosis is difficult.

But the most important thing is that this condition cannot be cured by any medicine or alternative methods. Only replenishment in the body of lecithin with meals will help. Therefore, do not take chances, eat the omelet regularly.

Interesting Facts

If you eat an omelet from 2 medium eggs per day, you can get 45% of the daily requirement for iron, phosphorus, potassium and copper.

Some sources argue for the benefit of eggshells. Say, there is calcium. But who adds the shell to the omelet? And for what? So that, tasting the most delicate mass, then grit your teeth from a nasty piece? Temper your ardor, gentlemen, lovers of chewing omelet with shells. Calcium in this dish is abundant in milk.

Did you know? It turns out that the simplest omelet is a component of many diets. Cooked without additional fatty ingredients, it itself has a small amount of calories. At the same time, it saturates the body well. This chip has long been cut through by athletes. They often eat scrambled eggs as food. This gives them strength and vitality. And at the same time it does not reflect on the figure and is not deposited on the body by unnecessary folds.

Such an omelet familiar from childhood. The benefits and harms of it are very interesting. Especially in light of the craze for healthy eating. In order not to harm yourself, read our recommendations. And may everything be all right with you.

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