Sprouted soya: salad recipes, useful properties of soya

Soy is the basis of a variety of products. It is especially popular in China. It is a powerful source of protein and contains a huge number of useful elements. In the West, soybean sprouts are considered the most useful. A variety of delicious dishes are prepared from them.

The benefits of soy

Soy is a low-calorie product.

Soya sprouts are recommended for use at any time of the year. But they are most useful in the winter.

This is a low-calorie food product that allows people who are on a diet to eat it.

100 grams of soybean sprouts contain only 31 calories. Fiber is also part of them, which helps to restore the digestive system.

Coarse fibers are especially valuable because they are not digested in the large intestine. With their help, toxins and gross cholesterol are eliminated from the human body.

Thanks to soya sprouts, the highest quality cleaning of the body from negative substances is carried out. Fiber helps improve digestion in the human body. It positively affects intestinal motility and the state of the digestive system. That is why soybean sprouts are widely used to prevent constipation.

To ensure the highest possible positive effect of soybean sprouts on the body, it is necessary to choose them correctly. Buying is recommended only fresh soybean sprouts. They should be white a few centimeters long.

In stores, canned sprouted soybeans are sold. But its purchase and consumption is not recommended by nutritionists, due to the presence of salt in its composition, which helps to increase pressure.

If there is no opportunity to acquire soybean sprouts, then they can be germinated independently. To do this, put folded gauze on a plate several times and pour it with clean water. On gauze, you need to put pre-washed soybeans.

After three days, you can get ready-made soybeans. Germinated soybeans are stored in glass containers and in the refrigerator. Germinated soybean sprouts can retain their beneficial qualities for no more than three days. Soybean sprouts can be consumed fresh or in a salad.

You can also germinate soybeans in an earthenware vessel, on the bottom of which gauze is lined. Beans must first be soaked for 6 hours. After placing the seeds in the vessel, it must be closed with a lid to protect it from direct sunlight.

When growing soybeans in the winter, it is necessary to irrigate it regularly. For this purpose, only warm water should be used. The duration of germination in this case is from 3 to 5 days.

Understand the readiness of the sprouts by their size, which should be from 4 to 5 centimeters. In some cases, people eat only cotyledons. But, do not forget about the invaluable benefits of sprouts.

If the sprouts are excessively large, it will be negatively displayed on the taste of the dish. Sprouts can be used not only for the preparation of salad. But also as a seasoning for main dishes.

Sprouted soybeans is a rather useful food product that positively affects the digestive system.

Cooking Chirgim Chaga

Many delicious dishes can be prepared from germinated soy.

Chirgim Chaga is a very delicious salad, which is prepared on the basis of germinated soya sprouts. Its preparation is based on:

  • 800 grams of germinated soybeans,
  • Soy sauce
  • Acetic acid
  • Onions,
  • Garlic
  • Salts
  • Vegetable oil
  • The flavor enhancer is sodium glutamate.

In order to make the salad more delicious, it is recommended to add black pepper in it. If a person likes spicy dishes, then you can add red ground pepper. You can also add cumin or basil. The taste of the salad will become more pleasant if you add greens in the form of parsley, dill, celery, cilantro.

Fresh soy sprouts are characterized by a starchy flavor. In order to get rid of it, the sprouts are pre-boiled. They will become more tender and pleasant to taste. But, cooking must be carried out in such a way that the soybean sprouts remain crispy. Otherwise, it will negatively affect the taste of the salad.

Boil the sprouts within a few minutes. They are constantly tried so as not to digest. It is necessary to take a pot, boil water in it and pour soy into it. After that. As the sprouts reach their readiness, they must be thrown into a colander so that water leaves them.

You can cook the sprouts previously in a colander. After cooking, the colander is simply pulled out of the water. Salad preparation is carried out only from cold sprouts.

While the soybean cools, you can do onions. Cut half a large onion into half rings and fry in sunflower oil until a golden color is obtained. In boiled soy, you need to add less than a teaspoon of acetic acid.

The salad must be thoroughly mixed and tasted. If necessary, you can add a little more acid. Also in the salad you need to add soy sauce, garlic crushed on a garlic press and fried onions. The second half of the onion must be cut into half rings and added raw.

A small amount of flavor enhancer should be added to the salad, which will make it piquant. This substance is needed only at the tip of the knife. Next, add herbs and spices to taste. After thoroughly mixing the salad, it can be served.

Chirgim Chaga is a delicious and nutritious salad made from soya sprouts. Due to the simplicity of its preparation, any housewife can cope with this task.

Delicious soya salad

Soya salad is very useful and nutritious for the body.

You can make soya salad according to another recipe. The dish is prepared on the basis of germinated soybean, vegetable oil, seasoning for Korean carrots, sugar, salt, red pepper, sesame seeds, sesame oil.

At the first stage of salad preparation, it is necessary to boil the soybean sprouts. To do this, they are put in a pot with boiling water. After boiling water, wait two minutes and pull out the soy.

After filtering and cooling the sprouts, you can proceed directly to the preparation of the salad. In a separate bowl, put seasoning for Korean carrots. To them, finely chopped garlic and sesame seeds are added.

Ground red pepper, salt, sugar, sesame and vegetable oil. All ingredients must be carefully moved. The resulting sauce is filled with germinated soybean sprouts. After thorough mixing, the salad can be served.

In order for the dish to be tasty and nutritious, you need to know certain secrets. For the preparation of salad, you can use the germinated soybeans purchased at the market. It can also be grown at home.

Soya salad belongs to the category of Korean dishes. That is why during its preparation you do not need to skimp on spices. Salad can be made of varying degrees of severity. Some culinary specialists recommend the use of monosodium glutamate for salad dressing. But this is not worth doing, as it is a harmful supplement and can be addictive.

Soya salad is a very tasty dish, which is characterized by a high cooking speed.

Soya Meat Salad

Meat salad with soya sprouts is a tasty and healthy dish.

For lovers of a tight meal, the original option for making salad is a recipe that requires the use of chicken breast.

Soya sprouts, ginger root, garlic, cilantro, green onions, chili peppers, olive oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, fish sauce, chicken stock, sesame oil, oyster sauce.

Initially, it is necessary to cut ginger as thin as possible stripes. At the next stage, cucumber is cut into large slices.

Next, you need to take the onion, peel it and chop coarsely. Garlic is also peeled and chopped with a knife. It can also be passed through a garlic press. This product must be crushed to a state of gruel.

Next, finely chop half the chili pepper. Chicken is cut into small pieces and pickled. To this end, garlic, ginger, fish sauce, chili pepper and half soy sauce are used.

At the next stage of salad preparation, it is necessary to shift the cucumber with onions. The resulting mixture is poured with the remaining soy sauce and rice vinegar and mixed. Soybean sprouts are fried in sesame oil for three minutes. Next, you need to dilute the starch in chicken broth.

Chicken must be fried in olive oil over high heat. Cooking time is three minutes. Diluted starch is added to the chicken. Stew the chicken until the sauce thickens. As a rule, one minute will be enough to carry out this procedure. In the next step, oyster sauce is added to the chicken.

The design of the dish is quite interesting. Soya sprouts are laid out at the bottom of the plate. On them you need to put a mixture of cucumber and onions. Chicken is laid on top, which must be seasoned with sauce. The dish is sprinkled with pre-finely chopped cilantro and served on the table.

Germinated soy is a very healthy product that is recommended to be consumed regularly. It is an excellent prophylactic of various diseases of the digestive system. Preparing dishes from germinated soy is quite simple. To do this, just follow the recipe.

About soybean sprouts, see the thematic video:

Beneficial features

Soya sprouts are considered a very useful product that is well and quickly absorbed by the body. The thing is that during the germination period, instead of starch, malt sugar is formed here, and together with fats - fatty acids. Also in the product is a fairly large amount of vitamins. Doctors recommend eating dishes from germinated soy. Recipes often include in addition to her many other vegetables. In this case, having eaten only one salad, a person receives the entire set of necessary substances for normal life.

This product also cleanses the intestines of toxins and carcinogens. Soya sprouts contain lecithin, thanks to which no plaque forms in the vessels, and stones in the gall bladder. In general, soybean sprouts are extremely important for the human body, so from time to time they are recommended to be used in cooking.

Light salad

A salad prepared according to this recipe from germinated soy is very light and dietary. A great option for people who monitor their weight and want to eat something light and unusual. For cooking, you should take:

  • soya sprouts - 150 g,
  • one bell pepper
  • a small amount of olives, about 10 pcs.,
  • green onions.

To make the salad deliciously seasoned, you need to use olive oil, Italian herbs and a small amount of lemon juice.

How to cook?

The recipe for germinated soybeans must first be washed in ice water and put on paper towels, napkins or a colander. In the meantime, you can make salad dressing, for this you need to take a small container in which mix 50 ml of olive oil, Italian herbs and a small amount of lemon juice, mix everything thoroughly.

Cut olives into thin slices, bell pepper - into strips, and chop green onion into small pieces. All ingredients should be placed in one deep bowl and pour them abundantly with cooked sauce. Stir foods and put them on a plate.

A minimal amount of products is used here, if desired, lettuce, a few cucumbers and tomatoes can be added here. In general, it is permissible to add any vegetables, they will only improve the taste of this salad.

Sprouted Soy Salad: Korean Recipe

The peculiarity of the dishes of this cuisine is its spiciness, so the salad is suitable only for those people who like spicy and well seasoned food. To prepare this dish, you will need to prepare the following products:

  • germinated soybeans - 400 g,
  • one medium onion
  • a few cloves of garlic
  • bell pepper - 1 pc.,
  • ham - 200 g
  • a few cucumbers.

It uses a very delicious salad dressing, which consists of olive or vegetable oil, soy sauce, cayenne pepper, paprika and marjoram.

Cooking process

So that cooking does not seem complicated, it is recommended to follow the step-by-step instructions exactly:

    In this recipe, sprouted soybeans are slightly boiled. To do this, take a small stewpan, draw water into it and slightly salt. When the liquid boils, put this product and cook it for 2 minutes, no more. Sprouts should remain crispy.

In this case, Chinese cabbage is also good, it will be ideally combined with other salad products.

Sprouted soya salad: recipe

If the last two recipes can be called dietary for a light snack, then in this case the dish will be more nutritious, as chicken fillet will be used here. To prepare, you will need to take:

  • 200 g of germinated soybeans,
  • 400 g chicken
  • red (salad) onion,
  • lemon,
  • 200 g of tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers,
  • Chinese cabbage.

As a salad dressing, you can use a regular mayonnaise with garlic or cook something like past sauces based on olive or vegetable oil.

Soybean sprouts: what is it

Soybean seedlings are obtained by germinating dry seeds in a humid environment. To do this, they are either poured with water, or placed under a gauze, abundantly moistened with water, folded several times. In such conditions, the beans first swell, and then germination begins in them. We can say that the beans, being in conditions close to spring, are preparing to grow and make their way up from the ground. This process is accompanied by the splitting and transformation of complex compounds of proteins, carbohydrates and fats into simpler forms that are easily absorbed by the educated plant.

Soybean sprouts benefit and harm

In its appearance, this product resembles the seedlings of many other cereals and cereals. Sprouts form in the form of straight or spinning white pods without a characteristic odor. They are very juicy and crunchy when chewing. The composition has very few flavoring components, so the sprouts have a traditional grassy taste. Calorie content does not exceed 40 kcal per 100 grams.

The chemical composition of the product is represented by a variety of vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids. Basic nutrients are presented in the following approximate proportions:

  • fats - 20 g
  • proteins - 36 g
  • carbohydrates - 30 g
  • vitamin A - 1 mcg,
  • Vitamin B6 - 0.4 mg
  • vitamin B9 - 375 mcg,
  • Vitamin C - 6 mg
  • calcium - 277 mg
  • magnesium - 280 mg
  • zinc - 5 mg
  • iron - 15.7 mg
  • phosphorus - 705 mg,
  • potassium - 1800 mg,
  • sodium - 2 mg.

Germinated soybeans benefit and harm

The beneficial properties of soybean sprouts are formed by enriched vitamin-mineral composition. Due to the fact that many substances are transformed into simpler compounds during germination, the body spends less energy on their processing.As a result, the body receives very useful substances that are quickly absorbed. Because of this, the most obvious recommendation for the use of sprouts is seasonal vitamin deficiency.

The beneficial effect of soybean seedlings:

  • Due to the high fiber content, digestion improves, mechanical cleaning of the cavities of the digestive organs from ballast is carried out, carcinogens and toxins are absorbed.
  • The presence of lecithin in the composition helps prevent gallstones and plaques on the walls of blood vessels.
  • Due to the presence of choline (vitamin B4) in the composition, the restoration of brain cells and nerve tissue is stimulated.
  • It is believed that regular consumption of soya bean sprouts in food helps to strengthen memory, improve cognitive abilities.
  • Low calorie soybean sprouts allows you to effectively use them for weight loss. The diet is not weighted with excess calories, but remains rich in minerals, vitamins and biological active ingredients.
  • A diverse composition helps to establish metabolism, improve the nutrition of internal organs and systems by the substances they need.
  • Due to the beneficial effects on the nervous system, sleep and memory improve, irritability, distraction and fatigue go away.

The only exact contraindication to the use of sprouts is intolerance to soy and its derivatives. Therefore, it is recommended to add a natural product to the diet of children, schoolchildren, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women. The latter, in any case, should first obtain approval for the use of seedlings from their supervising doctor.

How to cook germinated soy at home

First of all, for self-germination of soybeans, it is necessary to select high-quality raw materials, discarding damaged and broken seeds. And they germinate in the following order:

  1. Beans are evenly scattered in a couple of centimeters on the flat bottom of a plastic tray, bowl or jar.
  2. Soybean is poured with water at room temperature, which should be 2-3 times more in volume.
  3. The vessel with seeds is cleaned in a warm room without direct sunlight. The optimum indoor temperature for germination is + 22˚C.
  4. After 12 hours, the water drains and the beans are thoroughly rinsed with cool water.
  5. Soya is dried using a several times folded paper towel.
  6. Beans are evenly distributed on a damp cloth and, if necessary, are further moistened from above.
  7. Humidified ones clean themselves in a warm room, but without direct sunlight.
  8. In the next 12 hours, the first shoots should appear, and after a period of time, the procedure with washing and laying on a wet surface should be repeated.

If in the process of germination inactive grains appear that change color, they should be thrown away. The washing and germination cycles alternate until the shoots reach the length that suits the host. As a rule, this process is carried out no longer than 5 days. On average, during this time, the sprouts gain a length of up to 5 cm. It is believed that in such greenery the concentration of nutrients is highest.

Soybean sprouts: recipes

Another important rule prohibits the use of seedlings in raw form. Before cooking sprouted soybeans and eat them, they must be blanched in boiling water for a couple of minutes. The traditional use is to add soybean sprouts to Asian salads and noodles. Cotyledons are always removed before serving. Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cuisines also allow frying and use in sauces.

Sprouted soya salad: recipe with eel and chukka

This recipe requires fried eel unagi, which is not cheap. However, the final dish is not inferior to restaurant options not in taste, nor in the beauty of serving, nor even in price. For cooking you will need:

  • Chukka salad - 80 g
  • eel - 100 g,
  • soya sprouts - 60 g,
  • fresh cucumber - 50 g,
  • carrots - 50 g
  • sweet pepper - 100 g,
  • lettuce - 80 g,
  • ginger root - 5 g,
  • lime - 1 pc.,
  • chili pepper - 1 pc.,
  • hondashi broth - 2 ml,
  • sesame oil - 20 ml,
  • soy sauce - 10 ml,
  • sugar - 5 g
  • sunflower oil - 40 ml,
  • fried sesame seed - 3g.

  1. Mix sunflower and sesame oil, soy sauce, hondashi, sugar, sesame.
  2. Add ¼ lime juice and half its zest to the mixture. There, add ginger chopped in small strips and two thin slices of chili.
  3. Grind cucumber, pepper and carrots with a thin straw. Mix them with lettuce leaves, add chukka and seedlings, pour dressing.
  4. Cut the eel into slices and put on the salad.

Soybean Vegetarian Salad with Peanuts and Seaweed

  • cucumber - 1 medium,
  • carrots - 1 average,
  • lemon - ½ pcs.,
  • sea ​​kale - 200-220 g,
  • raw peanuts - 60 g,
  • green leaves of lettuce - 50 g,
  • peanut butter - 30 ml,
  • soybean seedlings - 50 g,
  • salt, ground black pepper.

  1. Cut peeled cucumber and carrots into strips.
  2. Rinse lettuce leaves, dry with a kitchen towel and cut into small pieces or straws.
  3. Mix peanut butter with squeezed lemon juice.
  4. Fry peanuts in a pan without oil.
  5. Combine all prepared foods and soy sprouts.
  6. Add salad with lemon-nut dressing, pepper and salt.

Korean sprouted soya salad: recipe

The most popular form of preparation and use of this product is Korean soybean sprouts. The recipe is extremely simple, and the dish is easily stored for several days (although it is better to act faster). For cooking you need:

  • 0.5 kg of sprouts 4
  • 1 medium onion,
  • ½ head garlic,
  • ginger root (cut 1.5-2 cm),
  • 3 tablespoons of soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil,
  • 1-2 tablespoons of sesame seeds (raw),
  • a spoonful of balsamic vinegar,
  • cilantro or parsley,
  • ground black and red pepper, salt.

  1. Boil the sprouts in boiling water for 1 minute. Discard water and rinse the product with cold water.
  2. Heat oil in a pan, fry sesame until blush (but do not let it burn, otherwise the salad will be bitter).
  3. Fry the onion, sliced ​​in half rings in the same place until slightly transparent.
  4. Mix soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, chopped garlic, black pepper to get dressing. For greater severity, red pepper can be added to taste.
  5. Rinse greens, shake water, chop. Finely chop or grate the peeled ginger root. Add it and greens to the dressing.
  6. Mix the seedlings and fried onions, season with the prepared mixture, mix thoroughly and check for salt.
  7. Leave the salad for a good flavor mix for a couple of hours.


  • Germinated Soya Beans 400 Grams
  • Arugula 200 grams
  • Fresh Cucumber 2-3 Pieces
  • Sesame, olive oil, soy sauce. To taste.

We start the preparation by sorting out the soybean seedlings, rinsing them thoroughly under water and blanching for 4-5 minutes.

Cut fresh cucumber into thin strips and add to soybean seedlings.

We wash the arugula, dry it and add to the salad. Add sesame seeds, oil and soy sauce. Mix and serve. Salad ready!


The first step is to take a small pan where to put the meat and cook it until tender. To make the product fragrant, it is recommended to add bay leaf, peppercorns and other spices that are available in the water.

When the meat is ready, it needs to be removed and set aside, let it cool. In the meantime, rinse and chop all the vegetables. According to the recipe, the form of cutting vegetables is not indicated, so you can cut them as you like. Since the sprouts are in the form of straws, then all other products can be cut into the same slices.

To prepare salad dressing, you can take olive oil (100 ml) and 50 ml of balsamic vinegar, add some Provencal herbs or rosemary with thyme, mix everything. Also, for the preparation of this salad, you can use any of the salad dressings that were indicated in previous recipes.

Put all the vegetables with chicken in a bowl, pour the sauce, add a little lemon juice and mix well. Put on plates, and put a handful of soybean sprouts on top (you can weld them a little at will) and pour over a little salad dressing again. At this point, the process of preparing a salad with sprouted soybean according to the recipe (you can find the photo of the finished dish above) is completed.

Soya sprouts are a fairly neutral product, so if necessary, they can be added to a variety of salads that you prepared earlier. For example, to take a regular spring salad with radishes, onions, eggs, sour cream and add a little sprouted soy here, in this case you will get a new and very original dish with taste combinations familiar to an ordinary person, everything is extremely simple and delicious.

What are the benefits of introducing germinated soybeans into your diet?

Soybean sprouts are rich in:

  • High-quality vegetable protein in the form of a complete set of essential amino acids that are easily absorbed.
  • Fiber, with its help improves intestinal motility, fiber helps cleanse the intestines of toxins, carcinogens and bad cholesterol.
  • Soybean sprouts are the leader in the content of coarse fibers among wheat, sunflower sprouts, they have 30% more fiber.
  • Vitamins of group B, C, provitamin A. Soybean seedlings contain almost all the vitamins that the body needs so much. They have a large number trace elements (potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, selenium, even contains manganese, copper, cobalt, fluorine and phosphorus). For the prevention of vitamin deficiency in Asia, soybean sprouts were used in antiquity, for example, the history of soybean germination in China dates back thousands of years.
  • Lecithin (prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques and gallstones), prevention of cardiovascular disease, gallstone disease, cancer.
  • Choline (helps to restore nerve tissue, brain cells), which helps to improve attention, memory, thinking - normalizes the brain and nervous system.

How to cook soybean seedlings?

Put the soybean seedlings from the bag in a colander, rinse with running water. Blanch in boiling water until softened, so they taste good, remain crispy, vitamins are stored in them. After that, they can be used in soups, in salads, as a side dish.

In Korean cuisine, germinated soybeans are placed in boiling water, covered with a lid and allowed to boil for 5-8 minutes. After that, the sprouts need to be thrown into a colander and washed with cold water.

Tip: To save the seedlings, it is enough to put the scalded soybean sprouts in a clean glass jar and pour the salted broth obtained from them. In this form, chilled, they will be stored in the refrigerator for several days.

Asian recipes with soybean seedlings

    To the previously scalded soybean seedlings, add cucumbers chopped into thin strips, green onions. Add 1 tablespoon of kochudyan hot pepper paste, sprinkle with fried sesame seeds and mix.

  • Salad of soybean seedlings and scallops (can be replaced with squid or shrimp). Ingredients: scalded sprouts, chopped bell peppers and green onions, strips of scallops or squid, a pinch of sesame seeds. Dress everything with vegetable oil (sesame seeds) or Homodari nut sauce.
  • Finely chop onions (1/2 head), fry in hot vegetable oil, pour 1-2 tsp into hot onion. red hot ground pepper, remove from heat. In pre-scalded soybean seedlings, add the fried onion and pepper, ground coriander seeds, a couple of cloves of chopped garlic, salt and soy sauce to taste, chopped cilantro.

  • Mild dressing: soy sauce, sesame oil, fried sesame seeds, chopped green onions, chopped garlic. In sprouted soybeans, you can put julienne cucumbers, carrots, and bell peppers. Add half a spoonful of fish sauce if desired.
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