Stomach ache from sweet

To understand whether you can include chocolate in your diet, you need to remember from what it is made and what is included in its composition.

The basis of the product is cocoa beans, which themselves have a bitter, rather unpleasant taste. Cocoa butter is made from beans - a very fatty product, for digestion of which you need to have a healthy stomach.

By production of chocolate sugar, milk, various fillers, alcohol, raisin, nuts, pieces of berries or fruit, various stuffings are added to its structure. To make the product beautiful, dyes, thickeners and stabilizers are used. Flavors are added to whet your appetite, and preservatives are added to a longer shelf life.

If we consider each component separately, then none of these products is included in the patient's sparing diet of gastritis. In addition, cocoa beans contain a lot of caffeine, which is also contraindicated in this disease.

First of all, a big minus of chocolate is sugar, which is contained in large quantities in it. Therefore, consuming large amounts of chocolate can lead to obesity and heart problems. If it's really hard for you to do without chocolate, then try replacing it with bitter. Since bitter chocolate contains less sugar, and it will not destroy the tooth enamel so much.

It is known that cocoa beans contain theobromine, which is similar in properties to caffeine. Therefore, the use of this product in the evening can provoke insomnia and increased irritability.

Try not to give chocolate to your children, as their bodies are weaker and can quickly form a dependence on chocolate. Also during pregnancy should not eat chocolate because of the content of tannin in it, which causes headaches.

As you know, chocolate is grown in exotic countries. And it is not uncommon when, during its processing, various insects get into it, which, of course, as a result of the use of such chocolate can cause allergies. Do not forget about the lead and honey, which are contained in it, they provoke the appearance of tumors and osteoporosis.

There are many other products that can replace chocolate without harm to health. Therefore, once again, carefully consider whether you should drink chocolate.

Abdominal pain is one of the most common problems, along with migraine and toothache. In this case, discomfort and pain can be a bell, announcing very serious health problems.

Lovers of excessive consumption of sweets not only suffer from diabetes and overweight. They are often accompanied by another trouble - heartburn from sweets, which manifests itself in an extremely unpleasant sensation of burning in the chest and esophagus.

Medical statistics states that children are more susceptible to this disease, from the adult population it occurs mainly in women. In our article, we will answer the question of why heartburn from sweets comes from sweet things.

Why is the development of burning from sweets

In fact, the teeth can ache after eating sweets for various reasons. We denote the main ones.

  1. Most often, a sore tooth affected by tooth decay is affected by tooth decay. If microscopic sugar particles get inside the carious cavity, this gives food to the numerous bacteria and microbes that live inside this cavity. They begin to actively feed and multiply, which leads to increased pain.
  2. Tooth enamel is the hardest part of the human body. But even she is not able to resist the concentration of simple carbohydrates that we consume in the form of cakes and pies. There is no fruit in nature with so much sugar. Therefore, even the enamel is unable to resist our diet. If many food particles remain in the oral cavity that are not cleaned with a brush in time, harmful bacteria begin to multiply on the surface, leading to thinning and loosening of the tooth enamel. As a result, the tooth becomes unprotected and any exposure (sweet food, hot and cold dishes and drinks) leads to severe discomfort and pain.
  3. Deep caries can affect not only the structure of the tooth (dentin), but also nerve endings. Very often, bare dental nerves react to sweetness, coldness, or hot.

We can say that the main cause of toothache after a sweet tooth is caries. Do not postpone the problem on the back burner, even if you do not see any obvious damage.

Very often the carious cavity begins in the gap between two teeth. It is very difficult to find it yourself.

In appearance, the tooth seems quite healthy, and inside it a black cavity grows and develops. Remember, the sooner you get to the doctor, the easier and cheaper treatment will be.

Otherwise, caries can affect the nerve and cause the development of pulpitis (inflammation of nerve endings). And there and close to the loss of a tooth.

To begin with, we will determine the place where the “hot spot” of your body is located. This is the easiest.

Unpleasant sensations just below the ribs may indicate not only damage to the input section of the stomach, but also to pathological changes in the esophagus and liver damage (hepatitis, cirrhosis).

In the right half of the upper abdomen, cholecystitis “hurts” and finds itself cholelithiasis.

In the area from the upper abdomen to the navel discomfort is possible, provoked by various types of pangastritis, and sometimes intestinal pathologies.

People who have a stomachache in the morning often wonder why this is happening, what causes and how the problem can be treated.

If the problem appears at night or immediately after sleep, then most likely it is a sign of abdominal disease. Initially, you will need to remember - to take medical drugs for such a manifestation of discomfort is strictly prohibited, without the knowledge of the doctor.

Even if the pills can relieve hunger pains, then it’s impossible to accurately describe the nature of the sensations at the doctor’s appointment; as a result, the disease will progress, and the patient’s condition will worsen each time. The doctor will not be able to establish the diagnosis normally. Further in the article we will tell you what types of pain exist, list their symptoms, and also share secrets of how to quickly get rid of such unpleasant discomfort.

Types of stomach pain in the morning

Why does the stomach hurt in the morning

Stomach pain in the morning can be divided into several types:

It's nice to slowly enjoy your favorite dessert after a hard day's work. Sweet foods, especially chocolate, are responsible for positive emotions, help to cope with a heavy mental load. The daily recommended dose of sugar is 50 grams. It is taken into account in confectionery, fruit, berries, juices, other sweet food.

Excessive consumption of sweet can cause various ailments, diseases. The first symptom is nausea from sweets, appearing after taking various foods. Below will be considered the reasons provoking the reaction of the body, ways to deal with the appearance of nausea after sweets.

Factors contributing to nausea after sweets

Nausea from sweets occurs for various reasons, directly dependent on the lifestyle, quantity, quality of food consumed.

Factors that can cause nausea:

  • The presence of pancreatitis, other diseases of the pancreas. In the presence of diseases, pathologies of the pancreas there is no complete absorption of a large amount of sugar-containing substances. The development takes place against the background of an unbalanced, unhealthy diet.
  • Nausea after eating sweet food is a characteristic sign of the development of diabetes. With a large intake of carbohydrates, cells are not able to consume them completely, the remaining sugar continues to be in human blood. Affects active insulin production. If the picture occurs often enough, elevated insulin levels become permanently stable. It is recommended that if a constant turbidity develops, to undergo a full diagnosis, proceed to treatment.
  • The presence of liver disease. With a lack of enzymes produced by the liver, necessary for the processing of excess sugar, there is a steady feeling of nausea. This is facilitated by the presence in sweets of an increased number of all kinds of preservatives, artificial additives that adversely affect the production of bile, the state of the organ. If severity is added, one can judge the development of a fatty liver disease. The constant presence of excess carbohydrates in the body provokes the development of liver cirrhosis.
  • Diseases of the gallbladder contribute to insufficient production of bile, necessary for the full absorption of sugar.
  • Pathology, stomach disease. Eating large amounts of food with high calorie, high sugar content can cause poor health, inability to process food.
  • The cause of the dregs from sweet foods is the presence of Giardia and other parasites in the human body. Parasites are recognized as sweet teeth, after the next dessert eaten, they activate functions, directing them to eat sweets. There is a massive release of waste products of parasites, which are considered toxic substances for the human body.

Most patients perceive nausea from sugar innocuous, short-term. There is a risk of developing a serious illness. With the systematic manifestation of nausea, it is recommended to seek medical help, undergo a full examination, proper treatment.

Sweet nausea during pregnancy

Pregnancy affects habitual preferences, taste preferences. If a girl could eat a lot of chocolate earlier, during pregnancy she starts to stir. The process is facilitated by hormonal changes in the body.

Overeating with various sweet dishes, desserts provokes the activation of the production of bile, which is an irritant factor of the pancreas. Most women during pregnancy from chocolate, sweets occurs uncontrollable vomiting. If the condition is observed several times a day, there is no appetite, weight is reduced, it is recommended to contact a general practitioner and undergo a full treatment.

Sweet nausea in children

If the child is nauseous after chocolate, desserts, it is most likely caused by excessive overeating. Parents should control the amount of candy used. Until the age of three, pediatricians recommend giving up, minimizing the amount of sweet food - provokes the development of diabetes. Diabetes is worse than the usual diathesis, allergic reaction.

Methods of struggle with nausea from sweet

If sweetness affects the development of nausea, contributes to the gag reflex, it is recommended to conduct a diagnostic examination of the endocrine system. A large amount of sweet food consumed by man is the cause of pancreatitis.

The presence of signs: acute pain in the right hypochondrium, taste of metal in the mouth, burning, frequent diarrhea, constipation, - indicates the presence of cholecystitis. It is treated with drugs, strict diet food.

If a person is dependent on sweets, chocolate, invigorating, improving mood, it is recommended to try the methods described below.

Do not lose your favorite sweet foods, desserts, drinks, sweets. A sweet diet is needed for energy, muscles, the body.

Understand what is useful, what is harmful. Carbohydrates by type are divided into simple, complex.

Simple carbohydrates include: sugar, juices, desserts, sweets, confectionery, honey. When ingested, simple carbohydrates are absorbed more quickly, and they release glucose into the blood.

The process provokes the development of many-sided diseases, nausea, and other problems. Complex carbohydrates are absorbed for a long time, throwing glucose into the blood in stages, while maintaining a constant level of insulin in the blood.

Found in vegetables, legumes, fruits.

It is recommended to change the diet in the presence of diseases, pathological complications, otherwise you should follow your own measure.

In order not to exclude fast-digesting carbohydrates from the menu, it is recommended to observe a sparing diet food consisting of the products listed below:

  • Fresh fruits, vegetables,
  • Honey not exceeding two tablespoons of knocks,
  • Prunes, dried apricots, other dried fruits,
  • Marshmallow, marmalade, not exceeding 250 grams per day.

The above-mentioned sugary foods are quickly absorbed by the body, do not create excessive stress on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. The body is supported by the necessary energy, the person is not tormented by nausea, heaviness, depressed state. To nausea or to get rid of unpleasant feelings after vomiting, doctors recommend drinking a glass of pure mineral water.

Favorite desserts are allowed to eat in moderation. You can indulge your favorite chocolate bar.

Eating a sweet every day is not worth a single amount - chocolate affects the violation of human biological rhythms. Associated with high calorie chocolate dessert.

In large doses, is able to bring down the normal metabolic process, greatly adding body weight. For good health, it is recommended to use only plant-based products in the daily diet - this also applies to sweets.

Everyone knows that if a person is ill, this is bad, if a child is ill who cannot speak yet, then it is 100 times worse. If a child has a stomach ache at night, then this affects all those living in the house: someone “sleepy” goes to work. And if one of the parents works as an air traffic controller or a railway transport, then it becomes important and clear for everyone - how much in this world depends on the health of the little man.

The main causes of pain

Doctors recommend limiting the consumption of sweets, referring to the possible development of serious diseases.

After eating a large number of confectionery products, reduced performance, there is a weakness and poor health.

The reasons for this feeling are varied. Adhering to certain rules, you can not only maintain good health, but also health.

The stomach is a very sensitive organ, equipped with a huge number of nerve endings, and it reacts to the adverse effects of a defensive reaction - painful sensations, as if sending a signal to its "owner" of distress. This may be the result of various abuses and diseases of the digestive system.

Causes of stomach pain after a meal almost always indicate gastrointestinal diseases. The establishment of a provoking factor is an important component of diagnosis. Based on the results obtained, the primary diagnosis is found.

Any gastroenterologist can easily answer why the stomach hurts after eating. The main reasons include:

  • excessive eating,
  • the use of harmful products with a large number of synthetic additives or fat,
  • chronic gastritis,
  • ulcer of the digestive organ
  • pancreatitis,
  • the presence of malignant neoplasms.

Often the discomfort manifests itself in the background of drinking alcohol or drinks containing caffeine. Independently establish why a stomach ache from coffee is not worth it. An accurate diagnosis is impossible to diagnose.

In gastritis, the symptom is accompanied by heartburn.When an ulcer gives a sign in the back. Often, after garlic, stomach aches during gastritis. In the presence of the disease, the use of acute is contraindicated in patients. Unpleasant symptoms can occur at night. The reason for discomfort during sleep is evening overeating.

It is difficult to find an adult who does not know what toothache is. Sooner or later, almost everyone has sore teeth; there are many reasons for this.

Toothache, along with pain in the ear, is considered one of the most intense and tangible. And all because in the jaw area there is a huge amount of nerve endings.

It often happens that a tooth hurts not just like that, but after eating a sweet tooth. Today you will learn why the tooth starts to hurt after a sweet tooth, and not after, for example, salty or sharp.

We will also tell you about the main ways to solve the problem - how to suppress pain before visiting a doctor.

Home »Gastritis treatment» Causes of various types of stomach pain - overview

Pain is a very important symptom. The patient's ability to understand and describe its features helps the specialist to make the most accurate history.

After reading this article to the end, you will be prepared to talk with the doctor, and at the same time clarify something useful for yourself. You can even take a notebook in order to write down terms describing your case.

  • stressful situations
  • the absence of any regime in the meal,
  • using an unbalanced diet,
  • alcohol abuse
  • constant smoking
  • eating too spicy, fried and fatty foods.

    Studies show that the frequent consumption of exotic fruits, which are not characteristic of our regions, can also provoke indigestion.

    Specialists in gastroenterology experts assign a negative effect on the digestive tract of the Helicobacter pylori bacteria, the colonies of which can cause a feeling that the stomach is standing. What to do at the same time, the doctors found out in 1983, when the microorganism was discovered for the first time.

    For this scientific study, scientists from Australia were awarded the Nobel Prize, because this microorganism plays an important role in the development of ulcers. Scientists initially attributed bacteria to the main role in the development of this disease, but practice has shown that many factors influence its parasitism.

    Only 40% of patients with complaints about what the stomach is worth, (what to do, we will definitely find out), were susceptible to infection with a bacterium.

    Only with an excess of acidity, the microorganism increased the risk of developing peptic ulcer. Helicobacter pylori produces special enzymes that destroy the acidity of the stomach, it is this quality that allows it to survive.

    Stomach pain is a pain that is permanent or paroxysmal. Most often they are localized at the site of the projection of the stomach on the anterior abdominal wall.

    This area is called epigastric or epigastric. It is located above an imaginary horizontal line that can be conventionally drawn through the navel.

    The part of the anterior abdominal wall, which is located right in the center of the abdomen, and is bounded by this line from the bottom, and the costal arch of the chest from above — this is the area into which stomach pains are projected.

    In addition, pain in pathologies of the stomach can spread in the fourth intercostal space on the left, or in the left side under the spoon.

    Pain in the stomach can cause diseases of the stomach itself, as well as pathologies of other organs and systems of the human body. The main issue in this case is the violation of which organ caused pain in the upper abdominal area.

    Only a professional doctor can conduct a qualified diagnosis. Therefore, if you feel pain in the abdomen, it will be unwise and sometimes even dangerous to diagnose yourself and start self-medication.

    Pain in the epigastric region

    The nature of the pain in the abdomen: dull or sharp, arching or aching. Can give behind the sternum along the esophagus. In this case, vomiting may occur at the time of a particular increase in pain. After vomiting, the pain disappears. The appearance of abdominal pain depends on previous exercise, but may be associated with eating strong coffee, spicy or acidic foods. This can be caused by gastritis or peptic ulcer.

    What to do? You should be examined by a gastroenterologist. If this diagnosis is confirmed, then gastritis or an ulcer can be cured in a couple of weeks. In order to improve your condition, you should attach a warm heater to the sore spot, you can drink something hot, such as tea. If you have vomiting blood - call an ambulance.

    Pain in the right hypochondrium

    The nature of abdominal pain: Compressive pain, sharp. Pain gives in the lower back to the right, right shoulder, right half of the chest, under the right shoulder blade.

    Pain in the abdomen is accompanied by a feeling of bitterness in the mouth, sometimes vomiting of the bile (usually after that there is an improvement in the condition) may increase in temperature.

    Pain in the right hypochondrium can appear after the abuse of fatty spicy food. If you have these symptoms, it is most likely cholecystitis.

    What to do? You should take a spasmolytic or any drug from digestive enzymes. Be sure to go to the ultrasound in order to make sure that there are no stones in the gallbladder.

    Pain around the entire abdomen

    The nature of abdominal pain: girdles on the upper abdomen, the pain gives back.

    Abdominal pain accompanied by dry and unpleasant taste in the mouth, vomiting. Usually, even after vomiting, the patient's condition does not improve. Pain around the abdomen may occur after drinking alcohol, fatty or spicy foods. If you have these symptoms, it is most likely acute pancreatitis.

    What do we have to do? You should immediately seek medical attention. Without timely treatment, pancreatonecrosis can occur, and this condition is life threatening.

    Pain around navel

    The nature of abdominal pain: abdominal discomfort appeared suddenly, sharply, cramping, strong. This condition is accompanied by weakness and chills.

    The most common pain around the navel appears after drinking coffee, chocolate, or foods rich in fiber. If you have these symptoms, it is most likely intestinal colic.

    What do we have to do? You should take a spasmolytic pill and lie down. The pain will pass itself in 15-20 minutes. In order for abdominal pain to no longer disturb you, do not overeat and minimize the amount of consumed chocolate and coffee.

    Pain in the middle of the abdomen on one side

    The nature of abdominal pain: Appears suddenly, the pain can be very strong. Pain in the middle of the abdomen is given in the lower back or perineum and is accompanied by increased urge to urinate. The stomach hurts after drinking plenty of mineral water, overeating with watermelon. This condition can be caused by the discharge of a stone from the kidney.

    What do we have to do? It should be treated with a hot-water bottle, antispasmodic, hot bath. But if there is blood in the urine or pain in the abdomen reaches shock, you need to call an ambulance.

    Pains lower right

    The nature of the pain in the abdomen: at the very beginning of the pain appears in the epigastric region, then gradually intensifies and descends into the right lower abdomen. The pain passes into the rectum, increases with walking and trying to lie on the left side. Accompanied by fever, nausea. This may be appendicitis, so you should call an ambulance.

    Types of abdominal pain according to the time of their manifestation

    Be sure to determine the relationship of pain with meals, because it is the processing of the latter - the main function of the gastrointestinal tract.

    You will help the sign.

    Pay attention to the type of food, after which there are attacks - this information will certainly interest the doctor. For example, if you constantly have pain in the stomach after pancakes, the doctor will have a good reason to send you to an ultrasound scan of the gallbladder. Problems with the gallbladder are often a direct consequence of the abuse of fatty foods.

    Related signs

    Cramps and pain in the stomach after a meal can have a varied nature and are accompanied by additional symptoms. The clinical picture depends on the main diagnosis. The root cause is established through research.

    Stomach pain and nausea after eating are clear signs of dyspepsia. The disease is characterized by:

    • gag reflex
    • weakness
    • dizziness
    • bloating
    • loss of appetite.

    Accompanying symptoms

    Stopping the stomach or atony is a serious disruption of the functioning of the organ, which is accompanied by acute or aching pain, general malaise, loss of appetite, frequent belching, and constant discomfort. Inappropriate nutrition, internal diseases, depletion of the body, malnutrition or overeating can provoke a stop.

    The stomach may stop at any time in a small child or in adults, the first symptoms will manifest as dull pain, lack of appetite.

    If the stomach has risen, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive study to find the cause, undergo symptomatic treatment, change the diet, and also abandon the bad habit of snacking on the go.

    The digestive system works normally when a well-chewed food of normal temperature and acid enters the body. The motor activity of the organ can be impaired with the defeat of the pyloric department, which is responsible for peristalsis. Reducing the tone of the muscle layers leads to the fact that the stomach stops its physical activity until the moment of elimination of the cause.

    First signs

    It is quite simple to determine what the stomach costs, since from the first minute a person begins to torment the aching pains around the organ. The patient takes a forced position, keeps his hands on his stomach, trying to lie down on his side.

    The pain is so unpleasant that dizziness, nausea begins. If the reason for the stop is an infectious process, the patient's body temperature rises, intoxication develops.

    Appetite disappears or a person begins to eat very little, and the child has no desire to eat.

    • with pressure you can feel the absence of pulsation,
    • there is bad breath, belching,
    • body temperature rises, a person turns pale,
    • light physical exertion quickly exhausts, shortness of breath appears,
    • constant feeling of heaviness in the abdomen,
    • feeling of fullness even in the absence of nutrition.

    About flatulence (bloating) with the development of pancreatitis, read in this article ...

    Causes and risk factors

    Symptoms of gastric congestion also depend on the etiological factor. If impaired organ function due to infection, intoxication of the body, fever, acute pain can be observed. Due to the development of the pathological process, the patient does not sleep well, wakes up at night from aching pain.

    1. Overwork or emotional stress can be decisive in the appearance of atony.
    2. Following an unsafe diet that restricts the intake of essential micronutrients or vitamins.
    3. Transferred viral diseases that have depleted the body.
    4. The postoperative period after surgery using general anesthesia.
    5. Violations of the nervous system when the failure of the innervation of the body.
    6. Harmful habits that negatively affect blood circulation: smoking, alcoholism, overeating.

    The described pathology with long-term preservation of symptoms requires an appeal to a doctor to diagnose a stomach ulcer and other gastrointestinal diseases. Sometimes an attack of chronic gastritis manifests itself in this way.

    First aid and treatment in children

    When the stomach has become a small child, it can be suspected immediately, since all the specific symptoms of the disease appear.

    1. The child constantly cries, refuses to eat.
    2. The skin becomes pale, there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth.
    3. Sick children during an atony refuse to eat.

    If a child has previously experienced an organ stop, it is necessary to review the diet, do everything that the attending physician advised, in order to be safe to undergo a comprehensive examination.

    How to run the stomach

    Depending on why the stomach has become, the gastroenterologist will offer the following treatment:

    • phytotherapy, home-made medicinal tinctures, decoctions,
    • sparing diet, special gymnastics,
    • drug treatment: anti-nausea drugs, painkillers, muscle stimulants that set the correct direction of peristalsis.

    The doctor after the diagnosis may prescribe the drug Omez or other indications.

    Stomach pain treatment

    Treatment depends on the diagnosis. With the defeat of the gastrointestinal tract therapy includes:

    • drug use
    • phytotherapy
    • dieting

    You don’t need to figure out what to do if your stomach hurts after eating. There are many root causes of pathology. It is possible to establish a provoking factor only with the help of medical diagnostics.

    Patients with gastrointestinal tract pathology know exactly whether the stomach can hurt from coffee and food. Sick diet is selected. Excluded from the diet:

    • food with lots of fat
    • soda,
    • rich,
    • alcohol,
    • roast,
    • peppered
    • salted.

    Coffee and strong tea hurt the stomach after they were drunk on an empty stomach. Over time, this leads to the development of abnormalities in the functioning of the digestive organ.

    Patients for treatment recommend antispasmodics. Medicines help to eliminate discomfort in a short time. Apply strictly to the prescribed dosage. With increased acidity, doctors prescribe antacids. Tablets slow down the production of hydrochloric acid.

    If apples have a stomach ache or an individual intolerance is observed, a different treatment method is selected. The chamomile and hypericum extract is highly effective. Any medications prescribed by the doctor.

    Treatment of pain in the stomach should begin with a thorough diagnosis and identification of the exact cause of pain. The best option is to contact a gastroenterologist. After all, what seems to you as a pathology of the stomach may actually be a completely different disease. And self-medication in such a situation may not be just useless, and sometimes even dangerous to your health.

    Remember - only a qualified doctor can give you the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment!


    Preventing pain after a meal essentially reduces to a normal lifestyle and nutrition. Overeating, snacking, a coarse and spicy food should be avoided, and it should not be too hot or cold. It is very important to adjust the diet, the stomach should not be empty or overloaded for a long time.

    Alcohol consumption should be reduced to a minimum, and people with chronic diseases of the digestive organs should completely abandon it. It is also important to devote time to physical exercise, especially to those people who work in offices and do not move much.

    The food we consume determines the concentration of gastric secretion and the chemical components it contains. Recall Pavlov's experiments with dogs, it was his studies that proved the dependence of the concentration of gastric juice on what we were going to eat. It is also important how we eat, because it is not for nothing that there are certain rules for eating food.

  • Adhere to the proper diet, do not pass.
  • Avoid inadequate physical activity, they can cause indigestion.
  • Get rid of the habit of eating in front of a laptop and a TV.
  • Try not to get enough before bedtime, because the stomach also needs rest.
  • In order not to suffer dyspepsia (indigestion), less nervous, avoid stressful situations.
  • Do not drink water immediately after a meal. This enhances the fermentation processes in the stomach.
  • Do not wash down lunch or dinner with sweet tea. Drink provokes the severity of the stomach.
  • Exercise your abdominal muscles with squats and bends.
  • During the day, eat in small portions 5-6 times a day. Use shallow cutlery. It is better to eat a small portion than to try to eat the entire contents of the plate.
  • In the case of frequent discomfort and a feeling of heaviness, the use of Mezim and Festal tablets is allowed. But they should not be abused.

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